SAAS already looking low? Here’s the broke student’s guide to clubbing in Glasgow

So you can save your pennies every night of the week

So, you’ve just gone to university. A place to learn, yes. But also, a place to party. As a student, you are likely strapped for cash and looking for the maximum booze for your buck.

Picture the scene, student loan doesn’t come in for a week, your flatmates are planning yet another night out. You’ve got food to buy, circuit laundry to use and you’ve had about eight hours of sleep in the last three days. However, everyone having drinks in the kitchen and the FOMO is already kicking in. Don’t worry guys, I’ve got you.

Going clubbing doesn’t always have to be expensive. Having fun on a budget is a fundamental part of the uni lifestyle. So, from my experience of going out far more than I should have, I have compiled a comprehensive guide to the cheapest places to club throughout the week.

Mile High Mondays at Kokomo

Kokomo is the definite go-to club on a Monday night, not because it’s amazing, but it is cheap and it’s the only place I’ve ever been on a Monday that isn’t dead. The music and club itself are fairly generic, but at the same time drinks are £1.50 and you will never have a rubbish night there.

There is free entry until 12am and is right next to Revs. On their cheap cocktail night, no less. It has the same vibes as your hometown club that you complain about but still end up going to every week.

My closing notes, Kokomo is by far the best option for Monday night clubbing. It’s cheap, convenient, and fairly busy. I’d recommend dressing up, not a requirement, but people generally do.

Juicy Tuesdays at Manuka

Manuka runs its student night “Juicy Tuesday” every Tuesday. The same as most of the clubs I will be mentioning, it offers £1.50 shots and free entry. However, in the case of Manuka, the process of free entry is done slightly differently. Entry is only free before 10pm and requires slightly more forethought than most of the other clubs. They have a guest list which you must register for before Tuesday to enter the club before 11.30pm.

Despite the extra effort and earlier entry time, Manuka is well worth it. It is more upmarket than the other Glasgow clubs and is notorious for its pricy drinks. For this reason, their £1.50 shots are a bargain. Because of its upmarket nature, dressing up is a necessity as opposed to optional. There is no specific dress code however if you do turn up in scruffy clothes then your likelihood of getting turned away is high.

Lollipop Wednesdays at Polo Lounge

The Polo Lounge is Glasgow’s LGBTQ+ club, but of course they are open to all. The only requirement is that it remains a safe and accepting environment for the people who go there. And this is the best thing about it, the people are friendly. On a Wednesday, it has £1.50 shots and free entry before 11:30 pm.

Polo’s inclusivity means that there is no set dress code, normally the more extravagant the better. But if you aren’t a dressing-up person then jeans and a t-shirt will do just fine.

Wednesday Night Bamboo at Bamboo

I really like Bamboo. I think this is partly because it has two different rooms, each with different music. But regardless this is purely my opinion.

If Polo isn’t your scene, then Bamboo Wednesdays offers an equally cheap alternative. Also offering £1.50 shots,  there is indie/pop music in one room and hip hop/RnB music in the other.

Firewater Thursdays at Firewater

A Firewater Thursday is an iconic Glasgow student experience that I recommend everyone tries once in their life. With £2 doubles and a £5 minimum card spend, the only requirement of being in Firewater is getting a little too drunk. There are few words to describe Firewater, but one of those would be chaotic. It is filled with first and second years so you will always see someone you know, and you will always have a good time. Although possibly making decisions you will regret in the morning.

The queue will be huge, I’ve waited two hours before, so my biggest piece of advice is go early!

You can get your stamps and go home and pre, or pre at the nearby Spoons, but if you are there any later than 9pm, you will not get in, in time for free entry before 11pm and you will be in the queue for a good while.

Hive Thursdays at GUU

This guide wouldn’t be complete without Glasgow Uni’s own nightclub. You’ll have all been there at some point during freshers and whether you love it or you hate it, you will probably end up in there again. Not only does Hive host many different events throughout the year to spice up your clubbing experience. It also offers discounted entry to students on a Thursday.

There is no discount on drinks, however, the union tends to have cheaper prices than the average club anyway. So, it is a good way to have a cheap night out while not even leaving the West End. Also, the beer bar is right next door, so pints of fun for pres are essential.

The Garage for most of the week

The Garage doesn’t have any specific days that I know of that are student nights. However, they do offer discounts to students on various days of the week. From Sunday to Thursday, they offer free entry to students before 12am. Additionally on a Friday and a Saturday they offer discounted entry to students.

Personally, The Garage is my favourite place to go out on a Saturday. Firstly, because it is the most discounted clubbing experience you will get on a Saturday night. It also has three floors each with different music, so it is great for a group of friends with different tastes in music. It also has a 4am close which gives you even more time in the club.

Cathouse for most of the week

I am going to be perfectly honest; I don’t like Cathouse. However, that is only because the music just isn’t for me. The club specialises in rock and metal music, and I do know people who are Cathouse regulars.

It offers free entry from Thursday to Sunday and discounted entry on Friday. So, it is worth a try if that’s the kind of music you like.

In my experience, a good night in a club is made by the people you are with. So, however, you feel or whatever you’ve heard. Bring your friends and you will have a good time. And save some money in the process. Enjoy!

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