Serena Armstrong

Features Editor

Serena Armstrong
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Glasgow University

Guides, student lifestyle, latest trends, news writing, student opinions, social media, student experiences, sports, food and drink, events and socials.

  • Serena Armstrong is the Features Editor for The Tab Glasgow. She oversees all interesting events and student experiences related to Glasgow. This tends to cover student life at the University of Glasgow, Strathclyde and Caledonian. She also creates content for The Tab Glasgow's social media accounts.
  • Serena specialises in writing guide articles. She also enjoys keeping up to date with the latests trends and events in order to keep The Tab Glasgow's audience entertained and intrigued.
  • In her free time, Serena enjoys making content on youtube, as well as exercising and taking part in sports.


Serena Joined The Tab Glasgow as the Features Editor in 2023, Before this, she previously had written an article for Glasgow University Magazine. Serena also has experience writing of peoples opinions having edited and help write her years highschool yearbook.


Serena attended Largs Academy in Largs, achieving 2 Scottish Advanced Highers and 5 Scottish Highers, and completed an Open University English application course. She now attends the University of Glasgow, where she studies towards a Master of Arts in English Literature and History of Art.


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