Out of 23 UK universities, Glasgow students care the least about the coronation

‘An absolute waste of money’


Only 10 per cent of Glasgow students are intending to watch the coronation today.

Recently, The Tab UK conducted a survey, looking into how students feel about the coronation. Of the 23 UK universities surveyed, it was revealed that students at Glasgow University were the least likely to watch the coronation.

We asked Glasgow students for their reasoning.

Many told us that they felt the coronation was a waste of money.

“It’s obscene to be spending £100m on a coronation when people are falling ill due to not being able to heat their homes, are going hungry, and are having to make choices that the royal family cannot even fathom.”

Another agreed, saying it was “an absolute waste of money that could be used for more meaningful purposes.”

“Should not be funded by the taxpayer when such poverty exists,” chipped in another student.

“A fat waste of money and incredibly insensitive in a time where millions are struggling.”

“Absolutely unjustifiable that millions of pounds are being spent on a ceremony when people are choosing to heat or eat.”

“It’s ridiculous how much money is being spent on it, especially right now with the cost of living crisis.”

The idea of abolishing the monarchy also seemed to be popular among students.

One told The Tab Glasgow that we should “abolish the monarchy” as it is an “outdated tradition.”

Others echoed their sentiment, with one saying, “I think the royal family are outdated and need to go.”

Some felt that at a time when we are all deep into exam season, it is our exams which take precedence over a lavish coronation.

“Not as important as my exams,” one student explained.

Another explained that their exam was a mere three days away and that they “didn’t want to risk it.”

Indeed, every student that got back to us felt negatively about the coronation.

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