Murano meals: can you cook better than a fresher?

Suddenly these make school dinners look appetising…

Picture this: you’re a first year, freshly moved out of home and having to provide for yourself for the first time. Maybe you’ll learn to cook – or maybe you’ll sink into absolute culinary depravity. 

The Tab Glasgow asked first year Murano students what their meals look like and the submissions were predictably upsetting. 

Between the dirty kitchens, frequent hangovers, and the chaos of twelve person flats, some questionable cuisines were to be expected. However, some of these submissions really pushed the limit of what could be considered edible.

Without further ado, here are some of the best – or most entertaining – Murano meals.

The creator of this meal should be permanently banned from Italy

Italian pesto pasta x McDonald’s chicken nuggets: why not combine two staples?

Everything works in a wrap

What’s with all the nuggets?

A student’s body is 80 per cent water… and 20 per cent beans

Would you like a potato with those beans?

A Murano twist on the classic Mexican burrito

Whatever happened to eating ramen like ramen?

This one’s spicy by Scottish standards

I can confirm that the creator of this masterpiece did eat the eggs

Looking for a revision snack? Sweet potato: the new apple

Not the worst meal, but there’s something so sad about this

If you see a hungry looking Murano resident, maybe offer them some of your lunch…

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