University of Glasgow to award Scottish students compensation for ‘dealing with the English’

The university has confirmed a one-time payment of £600 will be made to all Scottish students

The University of Glasgow will be offering students of Scottish residency a one-time compensatory payment of £600 after an increase in the intake of rest of UK students.

Students claims that the upped intake of English, Welsh, and Northern Irish students has become a detriment to what the Scottish university stands for. UofG will award their Scottish students recompense for this oversight.

The University of Glasgow Planning, Insights, and Analytics website shows a steady increase in RUK students from 2019-18 onwards and sources claim these numbers are still on the rise.

The Tab Glasgow conducted interviews to see how students have reacted to this news. First-year student, Jasper from Cheltenham said: “In all honesty, it seems a little anti-English. I can understand that it’s maybe unfair on Scottish people as a whole to keep increasing the number of non-Scottish students but the attack feels a little personal.”

Whilst a third-year student, April from East Kilbride, suggested to us that “it’s a long time coming. We put up with a lot.”

The Tab Glasgow has seen emails sent from the university to multiple Scottish students confirming the money will be paid in due course.

First-year student Fraser from Dundee wholeheartedly agreed with the university’s approach. “I’m already sick of the English arrogance so this was about time. I think I’m going to be investing the money into noise-cancelling headphones so I don’t have to listen to them anymore.”

The Tab reached out to the University of Glasgow for comment, who wrote back: “The University of Glasgow endeavours to support all students equally. Where we have let students of Scottish domicile down, we plan for this to be rectified through this form of compensation and we strive to be better in the future. All Scottish students will be contacted in due course confirming the details of this payment.”

You might want to check the date, you April Fools x

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