‘People make fun of me because of how much money I have’: Overheard at Glasgow Uni

Every day it gets harder and harder to defend my uni

Glasgow Uni has the reputation for being posh, pretentious, and a bit ridiculous at times which is, more often than not, a completely true assumption from my experiences. Recently, we asked you on our Instagram what you’d overheard in and around Glasgow Uni and, my my, some of the answers were amazing.

Here is the compiled list of what students have overheard from other Glasgow Uni students in the wild. Enjoy.

‘You get the biggest loan? That’s sick, how do you get that?’

“My mum has actually put a new sauna in her summer house” [Said in the Stevie sauna]

“I have a poor friend”

“You should just travel, it’s so enlightening”

“Oop! BeReal time!”

“He wants to be a ginger boy but he’s actually strawberry blond”

“If you don’t want to get a coffee that’s fine I’ll get one by myself and be angry”

“It’s a dog eat dog world”

‘Yes I’m from Dundee, yes I’m a Tory, yes we exist.’

‘That’s so povvo’

“Northerners are smart enough to go to uni!”

“Do people actually shop at Lidl?”

“I only like Pink Lady apples”

‘I’ve not brought the right shoes to walk to the St Andrews building’

“I don’t use lip balm as it has petroleum in it”, “you snort coke and smoke cigs”, “yeh, but that’s different”

“Nah you don’t get it, I would choose my North Face over my family”

“I love smoking when I walk next to families in the Botanics and exhaling in their faces”

“I just snorted a fat line, I have like two hours to finish my essay”

‘Wait, does Fife have a high school?’

“Is that why I didn’t make friends in first year? Because I’m too pretty?”

“I didn’t know people actually got divorced until I got to uni”

“‘Rich’ is a slur, you should call them ‘people of money'”

‘Why would you want to nationalise anything, just go buy the shares so it’s yours anyway’

“You won’t get a job because you didn’t go to private school”

“People make fun of me because of how much money I have”

“Wait, have you never flown first class?”

“I blame my parents for not showing me the two sides of society. Like, it’s not my fault.”

‘Did you see the amount she got for SAAS? Ugh that means she’s poor’

“I really wish the Lib Dems were more conservative”

“Don’t worry, it’s not covid, it’s just the black mold”

“People that can’t afford to pay for uni themselves shouldn’t be allowed to go”

“I don’t care where we live in second year but I need a bay window”

“£150k each is affordable for a flat for us right?”

‘I couldn’t ever date a non medic, they don’t understand how hard my degree is’

“£750 a month is actually really reasonable”

“Yeah, I can’t wait to be a landlord next year, my parents are buying some properties for me”

“Why did we stop going for brunch all the time?”

“What’s wrong with Waitrose?”

‘I don’t know what’s worse, that he gave me covid or an STD’

“Sometimes the only way to settle something is a properly sanctioned debate”

“But the vibes are just off southside idk”

So there you have our ‘Overheard at Glasgow Uni’. Any other crazy stories overheard? Do you think this is reasonable chat out and about? Let us know on our Instagram.

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