Best dressed at Glasgow Uni: January edition

Do you recognise anyone?

Despite it being a dull, wet January day, many students were still putting a lot of effort into their wardrobe. We wandered around the JMS on the final day of the month, taking photos of all our favourite looks. Scroll through to see all the best dressed students!

Bing, Maths, first year

Hongyu Li, Comparative Literature, masters

Adrianna, Anatomy, first year

Mustapha, War Studies, masters

Briley, Law and Sonia, Law, both study abroad

Valeria, Medicine, fifth year

Carina, TEFL, masters

Tabitha, History, third year

Jack, Animal Behaviour, study abroad

Tess, Zoology, first year

Molly, History, first year

Freya, Music and Niamh, Digital Media, both second year

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