Here are five random Exeter Uni moments that make you feel really grown up

What do you mean I’m nearly 21? I’m literally just a teenage girl

Being in my final year at Exeter, this actually means thinking about life after uni. Yes – that may look like a (panic) Master’s for me but it also means we need to do some serious adulting and accept that soon we will be graduates. Being at Exeter is a lot of fun and games, but it’s no secret that you need to work seriously hard. So, how do I prepare for this move to true adulthood? I embrace my inner OAP before I leave and no, I’m honestly not ready.

1. The career fairs

When I first turned up to these in first year, it was exciting. The prospect of meeting lots of companies all desperate to hire Exeter grads and also picking up a great collection of pens, tote bags and chocolates was a cause for celebration. Now though? Pure fear and dread.

2. Deciding against going clubbing

Now I’m not going to lie, I have no problem with not going clubbing. Give me my cosy bed, hot chocolate and Netflix so I can rot in the safety of my duvet and not in Efes any day. This is a far cry from the fresher that went out a minimum of four days per week and consumed borderline worrying amounts of alcohol and cheesy chips. I also, frankly, cannot be bothered to sell my kidney for a 7-7:30pm TP ticket. The sad thing now, though, is that my nights out in the club have been replaced with wild nights in the books.

3. Getting hungover after one drink

Gone are the days of feeling spritely after necking bottles of cheap wine and vodka squash. I swear even the smell of vodka is enough to give me a serious hangover. On the rare occasion that a night out is on the cards, I will spend my last moments before leaving filling up my bottle, making my bed cosy and leaving a sweet treat in my room for drunk consumption. Get organised – future you will always thank you for it, I promise. Will I still enjoy a drink and then regret it the next day, just to do it again at the weekend? Obviously.

4. Picking up a wholesome hobby

Now that an unhinged night out is not how to spend free time anymore (sadly), it’s time to replace this with a slightly more wholesome activity. Crochet? Get the wool out. Painting? Try not to make a mess in your rental property. Baking? Turn the oven off after using it. But seriously, it is so good to have a calming and creative hobby to get stuck in to away from studying. You can also make it a social event – why not plan a cute craft meet up?

5. Being confused by freshers

I think the ultimate “I feel OLD” moment is when you see the energy of those a few years younger. Soon, it’ll hit like a ton of bricks, but it’s hard to deny that being a fresher is such a fun and exciting time to be alive, and reminiscing about that time is equally sad but so special. You should absolutely throw yourself in and have a messy first year – it makes for the best memories. Then you can tell your grandkids that you were a certified cool gal at uni.

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