Here’s six things you’ll only know if you lived in East Park at Exeter

And no, being a less snobby Holland Hall is not one of them


East Park may be the newbie of student accommodations at Exeter, but it quickly became an Exeter favourite. When looking at the applicant-to-room ratio, we can see it’s one of the most sought-after accommodations and, arguably, the nicest of them all. It really is a great accommodation to be in; take it from a third year who still thinks about the amount of sockets in my first year accommodation on the daily. That being said, my calves will never be the same after trekking up the stairs every day.  So, here are six things you could only truly know if you had the privilege of seeing East Park on your long-awaited accommodation email and living through the experience.

1. The unmatched smugness of securing East Park



























It is safe to say only those who actually experienced East Park can verify the unbeatable superiority boost of being one of the few (hundred) chosen people. Nothing will ever top the look of jealousy you’d see on other people’s faces when you tell them you live in East Park. It may be nearly £200 a week for an ensuite room now, but the interior is far superior to some of the other accommodations (not just Old Laf). It is undeniably the place to be if you want sociable accommodation but also enjoy getting to sleep before 3am, unlike the poor souls having to deal with the Lafrowda house parties.

2. Ducks

East Park is surrounded by lots of greenery and cute nature spots, making for peaceful study or reading spots for when the sun’s out. The East Park ducks, however, are a different breed. They may be cute to look at, but if you’re in one of the lower blocks, then don’t be surprised when you’re woken up at 6am by them. Oh, and they like to hang out on the paths, so don’t step on them when you’re hungover and aren’t paying attention to where you’re walking on the way to your 8:30am lecture.

3. The dreaded fire alarms

If you were ever lucky enough to sleep through the noise from the ducks then you’ll know how painful it is to be woken up – or kept up – by the fire alarms. I’m not sure what it is about East Park that sets off the at least bi-weekly fire alarms, but it was and is a known thing (ESPECIALLY in block L). Rest in peace to all the half-cooked chicken I made that had to be thrown out because a fire alarm interrupted my cooking. I’d also like to give a shoutout to my former flatmate who couldn’t find the time to find her shoes before heading out, bless her x.

4. The steps

I truly believe these stairs rival Cardiac Hill. They are never-ending. Even if you are in a lower block you will know the pain of going up to reception just to get your ASOS parcel (only for them to have not registered it half the time) or to complain about a leaky tap. Having parcels delivered to my door now I live in private accommodation is the biggest upgrade from halls there is. I truly felt for whoever was in the blocks at the very top. I did not envy you. At least now the trees have grown around them they’re kind of pretty to look at?

5. Instagram-worthy views

Despite what I said about the steps, it is undoubtedly the best way to see views of the sunset, and since East Park goes right to the top of campus, people who have lived there know the pictures you can get from it are deffo enough to make your friends in Birks’ jealous. The views may even be worth the trek up to the top of the stairs. But, that’s until you see a cardboard cut-out of Danny Devito in one of the windows that makes you jump out of your skin – a timeless classic.

6. The vast abundance of sockets

Ok this one is a bit niche, BUT if you lived or live in East Park you will know to appreciate the almost unnecessary amount of sockets (and USB ports). The photo above only shows the half of it. I failed to appreciate it at the time but am currently typing on an almost dead laptop because even my extension cables struggle to reach my bed. Never take it for granted. Oh, and the shelves shown above are pretty good too.

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