Here’s exactly what your choice of Exeter club night says about you

The news you don’t want to hear if you’re a Sunday Vaults lover

Ahh Exeter nights out. There’s no experience more universal than trekking up and down those hills to find a decent club and scouring Sidwell Street for a post night out snack. No one has more pride than Exeter students, particularly when it comes down to their choice of club night. It’s no surprise really; the weekly scramble for club tickets and the lengthy procedures which have to be undertaken to coordinate entry times are enough to make anyone a little aggy. We take our nights out seriously and as a result your favourite haunt can reveal some all-important insights about you.

It’s okay to be a sucker for a Cheesy Tuesday or a fiend for a TP Friday, but be warned, it might say more about you than you might think. Take a minute from frantically scrolling FIXR or contemplating your next Pret coffee to hear what may (quite possibly) hit a little too close to home.

Logic Monday at Fever

If you’re in love with a Logic Monday, let’s hope you’re under the age of 20 as anything older and you’ll feel like a pensioner. You are quite possibly a blonde, linen trouser wearing Penny C resident who is best buddies with the reps and knows 99 per cent of people on the dance floor. I quite honestly respect you as there’s nothing like waking up on a Tuesday morning already violently hungover for the week of uni ahead.

Cheesy Tuesdays at UNIT 1

I am ashamed to say that I was a fiend for a Cheesy Tuesday in first year and spent far too much time and money there that I will simply never get back. If your choice of a night out is Cheesies then you’re most likely a fresher, or a second year whose clinging onto your time as a silly fresh a little too tightly. As the name implies, you probably love some cheesy music. You’ll definitely go feral when All Star, Bohemian Rhapsody or Love Story come on and your highlight of the night is screaming the Greatest Showman. If you’ve not had enough cheese, you’ll probably stumble to Mega Kebab for some post-boogying cheesy chips after.

Timepiece Wednesdays

Ahhh Wednesday TP, the bricks and mortar of Exeter students’ weekly nightlife. Making the pilgrimage from miles around are mullet clad rugby boys and netballers dressed in the most outlandish costumes that their social secs could think of. You might not bat an eye lid at paying an ungodly amount for your ticket as your life depends on being there. If you’re a regular TP Wednesday attendee you’re probably a bit of a campus celebrity and aren’t afraid to EG a cider black or two. Once you’re through, those golden gates of Timepiece the Venoms await you.

Dirty Beat Thursday at Fever

Thursday in Exeter is another dip in the social calendar. Maybe you’re in a slightly rogue society and Fever Thursday is your post social night out. Or you’re a fresher who couldn’t get enough of Fever after your crazy Monday session. Perhaps your “chilled pub night” escalated and you’re gagging for a boogie on that magical dance floor in Fever room two. Meh, we’ve all been there.

Sketch Friday at Timepiece

It’s Friday, hallelujah. You’ve survived another week of cardiac arrest inducing hills, bumping into everyone you’ve ever met in the library and fighting battles for club tickets. If you like a Sketch Friday, you’re not afraid of that £5 to get upstairs; it’s worth it to dance up on top top. You appreciate having the day after free to recover because let’s face it, your liver and hangxiety need it. Maybe you choose to finish your sketchy night off with a cheeky Efes, that is if your bank account permits.

Cavern Saturdays

Not to be overlooked are Cavern Saturdays. You’re probably an avid indie fan and have posters of The Smiths and Artic Monkeys in your uni room. Or maybe you’ve had enough of endless Pitbull and David Guetta and fancy dancing to something which doesn’t have a beat drop for once. You’re not afraid to club the old fashioned way, queuing up on the door with none of that FIXR faff. You don your winged eyeliner and get ready to mosh pit.

Sunday Vaults

If you’re still fancying a night out on a Sunday, I salute you. Particularly as the only place open on a Sunday is Vaults. I have to admit, their music is pretty fun, but I can’t imagine the club is packed with students on this day of rest. If you’re going out on a Sunday night full stop, you really are hardcore, and I also perhaps question how your degree is going. Having a night in never hurt anyone.

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