Meet the Exeter student who’s blown up on TikTok for … getting VK in his eyes

Not the most ideal Wednesday night


An Exeter student has had over 200k views on TikTok – and counting – on a video about him getting VK in his eye, because why the hell not.

20-year-old Exeter economics student Tom documented the ordeal, showing images of his eyes before and after the incident, as well as what appears to be a screenshot of the *actual* VK replying to a DM from him about the whole thing.

“Someone who’d had a few too many drinks barged into my girlfriend Elsa whilst dancing”, Tom told The Tab Exeter.

“She had VKs in her hand and a fair amount of liquid from them came out and flew into my face, crucially my eyes.”

Tom’s before and after, via TikTok

In his TikTok, Tom shows what appears to be a screenshot of VK replying to his DM. Tom said he messaged “as a joke about my frustration at how much my eyes were hurting”.

The TikTok shows a reply that says: “We would advise to rinse your eyes thoroughly with water. VK, similar to most soft drinks, is an acidic liquid so contact with eyes should be avoided. All ingredients used are food safe.”

Tom says he’d splashed his face with water “about 100 times” but the advice helped, and although his eyes did hurt for about a day after they are now fine.

Via TikTok

The DM ended: “We hope that this incident will not prevent you from enjoying our drinks in the future.”

Tom told The Tab Exeter that his favourite VK flavour is blue, adding: “It tastes better once you’ve had quite a few Venoms.”

You can watch the whole video on Tom’s TikTok here. When we asked him how he feels about the 200,000+ views and almost 10,000 likes, Tom said he finds it funny and “looking back it was just a lack of sight for a few hours”.

Featured image via Instagram @tom_maloney_ and TikTok @tommomaloney

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