From Forum Library to DH1: We rounded up the best spots on campus to take a nap

Tired and tested by yours truly x

Whether you’ve pulled an all-nighter trying to reach a deadline, been up till 3am dancing at TP Wednesday and only had three hours’ sleep, or maybe just haven’t had a coffee because you’re on a budget, we all feel the urge to take a good nap from time to time (and from time to time I do mean multiple times a day).

Whilst many crusade up to campus in an attempt to fight this urge to rest and be more productive, it definitely doesn’t always work. So if you’re ever in need of a power nap whilst stuck on campus, here are your new go-to places:

1. DH1

There are some downright cracking sofas in DH1 which make a perfect nap spot. Not being a dedicated study spot means no one is going to be judging you for not being on the grind. There’s enough hubbub and activity to allow your quiet little nap just slip into the background of normal goings-on. And as an added bonus, Comida Wrap station is right next to it if you need some pre or post nap fuel.

2. Library sofas

Does anyone really know why we have that little section that’s part of the library but outside the library? Does it have a name? It’s kind of irrelevant, which makes it the perfect, central nap spot. Also they’re proper sofas with backs and all, so if you need a little cry, just turn inwards and sob as quietly as you can. And if drastic action is truly needed, just rest your head on your desk, headphones in, and let the silence of the library do its magic.

3. The Loft’s one-person booths

I’m actually becoming increasingly convinced that these were made for sleep deprived students who need a nap. Engineered so they have a tall back which hides you from the rest of humanity, a tiny table which can be pushed far away, and enough room to curl yourself up, lie back, and let your troubles melt away (ish). See photographic evidence below for my theory.

4. Peter Chalk study space

Where’s the perfect place for you to curl up and sleep? A round building of course. Enough said.

5. DH2

Booths, long benches, perfect size for a long nap. It’s right next to the beloved dish of the day, again perfect for your post nap fuel if need a pick me up (or motivation) for your next lecture. These booths and tables all have walls in between them so they’re nice and private, meaning you’re unlikely to be disturbed, apart from an occasional knock by someone in the dish of the day queue. There’s also a *lovely* long bench by the Student’s Guild logo which makes for an excellent nap.

6. On top of Forum Piano

If you don’t have social anxiety and want to release your inner diva/you’re a drama student, this one’s for you.

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