Clubbers of the Week: Staying alive in Week Five

Not letting midterms get us down

This week it seems that the winter sniffles has been doing the rounds, and if Fresher’s Flu didn’t take you out for at least four business days, this one most certainly will. Either these clubbers’ immune systems are stronger than the rest of ours, or they simply prioritise the party over recovering. Check out these brave clubbers fighting the flu one venom at a time below…

Stunner of the Week


Well you know that they say… pink makes the boys wink 😉

Runners Up

The girls are channeling the bright red lips of Red TV this autumn is seems

The definition of “blondes have more fun”

Shining brighter than the sparklers

Rock On!

I ain’t ever seen this many pretty best friends

Creeper of the Week


The further back you go, the more creepers there are

Runners Up

Too desperate to be one of the girls

I’m unsure where the posers stop and the creepers end…

Creeping? Or just smelling her head?

Girly on the right is not impressed by this creeper

Wanker of the Week


I can smell the Lynx through the screen

Runners Up

I bet you £20 his instagram feed is just selfies with this exact same pose

Pro tip: the best way to annoy clubbers wearing tweed suits is to not stop asking them if they’re farmers

I don’t think these girls heard the photographer say to “smile on three”

One of the boys

Hero of the Week


Point at your favourite Tab reader!

Runners Up

Getting Down & Dirty

I’m going to tell my children that this was Captain Hook and his parrot

Legend has it that the Big Cheese staff are still trying to work out what the dress code was to this day…

He’s got too many girls to count

Heroine of the Week


I just know she’s the main character

Runners Up


Tongues out…

… and guns out

The girls are GLOWING

Too goofy, you just can’t take her anywhere

WTF Moment of the Week


A modern interpretation of The Scream, 1893

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


MFW I check my bank account and realise I spent £30 on venoms

Runners Up

When the alcohol wears off and you realise you’re in a sweaty room dancing to Dance Monkey

Bumping into your 8ft ex in the club

When you turn around and realise the girl you bought three shots for has run off

Best of the Rest


Dream duo

Sharing the love <3

Everyone’s year eight selfies…

Damon and Elena, season four, episode four of the Vampire Diaries

WhyNot X Jazz Club

Photographer Credits:

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: WhyNot Nightclub

Meher Vapari: Big Cheese

Neil Stewart: Rascals

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