Clubbers of the Week: in Week Four and I still can’t stay off of the dance floor

Mid terms can wait


Welcome to Week 4, undoubtedly the wettest week we’ve had so far this year. But the risks of flash floods and overflowing rivers haven’t stopped these edi clubbers from partying (even if the risk of falling in a muddy puddle has stopped them from going to their 9am the next day). Come and check out the brave souls braving the wind and rain in the name of a good time!

Stunner of the Week


Not a single one of them are slipping in this photo


Looking pretty in pastels <3

The most stunning smile

Cutest trio

This looks like a CV headshot photo

Oooooh, are either of these girls single???

Its giving golden retriever and black cat energy

Looking gorgeous, girls

Save some for the rest of us!

Never seen so many pretty girls in the same photo

The sash is not a want but a NEED

Creeper of the Week


I just know she’s never been caught unaware in a photo before


Caught in the light

Cheeky kiss xoxo

Ruined a perfectly good photo

Wanker of the Week


No explanation needed


I crossed my legs as soon as I saw the pose in this photo

Poor boys look like they’re being held at gunpoint

I bet a tenner he vommed as soon as as this photo was taken

Vaping is the biggest sign of a wanker I’ve ever seen

Biggest wanker in this photo is Drake (of course)

Hero of the Week




Definition of golden retriever energy

Ultimate rizz

Not all that glitters is gold

Heroine of the Week


The feathers are insane


So true bestie

Main character energy

Its her world we’re just all living in it

Cheering on your single friend in the club

WTF Moment of the Week


I’ve never seen this man pull a normal face in a photo


When real women are too hard to get your hands on

Escape to Madagascar 3


If there was a liar of the week section, this would be the winner

I’d love to see how long Drake would last in Hive

Abby Lee Miller, Season 4, Episode 7 of Dance Moms

Album Cover of the Week


Drake and all his hoes


Its giving that one scene from “We’re the Millers”

Very trippy

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


Waiting 2 hours in the queue for Subway just to realise he’s in bed


When you see your bestie getting with someone so bad that you just HAVE to intervene

“Yeah, so I vote Tory because I’m fiscally conservative, but I promise I’m socially liberal…”

When the alcohol wears off

“If lecturers want to get paid more, they should just find a different job”

Seeing your bestie leave the club with the person they promised you they blocked

Best of the Rest

Surprised that those Freshers friendship groups have lasted into 4th week

They look like they’d bully me, but I’d kinda be into it

The girl on the left’s tattoos >>>>

Was the theme Pirates of the Caribbean X Hugh Hefner orrrrrrr

Slay girls

A banana a day keeps the creeps away…

Love in the club <3

No Fs given

How I feel after I’ve finally finished finding all these club photos and captioning them

Photographer Credits:

Thomas Miller: Hive

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: WhyNot Nightclub

Moh Mandhyan: Big Cheese

Neil Stewart: Rascals

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