Clubbers of the Week: No time to feel blue in Week Two

University may have officially started, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop


The academic year is finally upon us! As it is only early days in the semester, Edi students still have plenty of time to party, whether stumbling up and down Cowgate and going between Subway, Sneaky Pete’s and Dropkick Murphys or getting down in WhyNot’s LED room. The number of Stunners we have this week goes to show that all the most gorgeous Edi girls go out, even if they happen to have a 9am the following day, so go check them out!

Stunner of the Week


These girls both need to drop the link to where they got their tops, they both look sensational

Runners up

They all have the most beautiful smiles

Kiss kiss

I wanna be their friend

Loving the Tyra Banks “smize”

Cutest trio

Glowing girl

Madison Beer is that you????

They’re all giving Main Character Energy

Creeper of the Week


The more you look, the more creepers you see

Runners up

Two of the prettiest Creepers we’ve seen

Coming up for air

Wanker of the Week


Vaping in the club is the biggest ick

Runner up

No Fs given

Hero of the Week


Spending your Tamagotchi Tuesday working for Street Assist >>>>>

Runners up

Too crazy, just can’t take him anywhere

“All I wanted was a little love affair…”

FRESH out of the sixth form centre

It’s giving Strictly

Very wholesome smiles

Loving the Colin the Caterpillar

Heroine of the Week


I’ve never not seen this girl in Subway’s photos, she is my heroine for the dedication

Runners up

Happy birthday gorgeous!

Coolest girl in WhyNot

Kudos to her bravery

Album Cover of the Week


Rascals trying to steal Ballie Ballerson’s thunder

Runner up

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


I want to know the backstory behind what happened to make them this pissed off

Runners up

Leaving your friend for two seconds to turn around and seeing them kissing their ex

When you check snapmaps and see that the reason you came out tonight has actually stayed at home

I want to know why they hate whoever they just saw so much

*side eye*

Best of the Rest

The photo opportunities with the limes are my favourite part about getting a tequila shot

Super cute!


Modern day Lady and the Tramp

“You’re gonna hear me…”

Photographer Credits:

Thomas Miller: Hive

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: WhyNot Nightclub

Moh Mandhyan: Big Cheese

Neil Stewart: Rascals

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