Durham student claims to have found her long-lost identical twin on campus

Parent Trap or parent crap?

A Durham student has claimed to have found her long lost identical twin on campus whilst studying at university.

In a video posted to TikTok by Durham student Soph, the pair look eerily similar in near matching coats and with the same hair colour and face shape.

Dancing together in front of the camera, they describe the occurrence as a “real life Parent Trap”.

We all know about the Durham bubble; a five second walk down Market Square will often lead to an encounter with around 10 mutuals. And is this a blessing or a curse? The jury stays open, but for these two Durham students this bubble has proven to be more of a family tree.

Describing the whole ordeal as “unexpectedly hilarious”, Soph uploaded the video of her and her “identical twin” dancing to an absolute classic banger to her TikTok.


Meet my identical twin elly belly @Ella and our little friend @eliza who drinks sprite at breakfast parenttrap reallifeparenttrap identicaltwins longlosttwins threeidenticalstrangers twinsbychoice

♬ original sound – Enzo is Burning

If you have an unhealthy screen time or social media addiction (or both), you’ll probably have seen the video in question. Now on over 47,000 views, the TikTok is captioned: “POV: Real life Parent Trap. University got unexpectedly hilarious when I discovered my long lost identical twin on campus!”.

But are these girls actually identical, or is it just their matching outfits which allude to their familial relationship? Viewers in the comments certainly believed the crazy coincidence, with one writing “That’s actually insane” and another adding “this needs to be a Susi pesto stitch”. But others weren’t so sure, claiming that it must be a hoax and commenting: “You literally don’t look remotely similar”.

But from a distance, it’s arguable that these two girls really said copy and paste. Specsavers should really add this tough case to their eye test, as even someone with 20/20 vision would struggle to make a distinction.


Morning from 3/8 of the household studentstruggles lols relateable twentieslife twentiestok twentiesarethebest 🙈🙊🙈🙊🙈🙈

♬ Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows – Lesley Gore

These doppelgängers skills of deduction, or perhaps delusion, have even projected into the future. In another TikTok posted by Soph, they joke with another friend that their dads wouldn’t need to pay for their weddings, as they are never going to have to get married.

If they do turn out to be twins then let’s hope this is the case, as I can only imagine the look on their father’s face when he realises the financial consequences of this sisterly discovery.. and funding a second wedding.

So could this be a case of matching trims, or matching twins? The power of these brunette curtains hold the ultimate power of false hope. Being suited up in these detective style trench coats has really unleashed everyone’s inner Sherlock Holmes with the world hardest game of spot the difference; grab that magnifying glass and see what you think.

But can you blame them? When the only child syndrome becomes too much to handle, what else can you do apart from hunt for your long lost relative? An interesting conversation is on the cards this Christmas break – time to check those birth certificates!

Featured image via @sophhart1 on TikTok.

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