The six types of people you’ll meet in your first term at Durham

If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, we can guarantee they’ll appear soon


So you’ve almost made it through your first term at Durham and are still in the process of finding your people. Having attended every freshers event, ventured into every one of Durham’s nightclubs and signed up to every society your college seems to offer, you think you’ve seen it all. However keen fresh, we promise that you have yet to have the full Durham uni experience without encountering these certainly interesting types of people along the way. Whilst some are admittedly worse than others (*cough*  the DU athlete *cough*), beware of meeting the people who fall into these six stereotypes – aka the students who make Durham truly Durham.

1. The DU athlete with a superiority complex  

We get it, you went to pre-season and have gained godly status above the rest of us silly freshers. However, whilst as lowly mortals we weren’t endowed with your prowess on the field/pitch/court/track/river, we were provided with an intact memory. You may not remember the 5,000 other conversations about your DU athlete status and the incredible journey leading up to this (with some injury involving a muscle or ligament inevitably thrown in), but we certainly do. Hours I will never get back, thank you x 

2. The person who says they’re from London…but they mean Surrey   

Asking “Where do you live?” is every fresher’s staple, and you’ll inevitably come across a fair few Londoners. Top tip: Ask them to specify. After their initial answer of “central” it may become “just outside” before evolving to “south-west, ish.” Eventually, you’ll find out they live in Guildford. Just admit you’re from the home counties – there’s no shame (it’s Durham).  

3. The soulmate in the club bathroom 

After one too many Woodgates, you make your way to the bathroom and find in the criminally long queue a girl destined to be your forever bestie. For all of five minutes you’ll reach an almost spiritual level connection: Complimenting outfits, oversharing, giving and receiving relationship advice. Eventually, you must part ways having followed each other on every social media platform promising you’ll meet up for a coffee ASAP – only to never hear from them again.  

 4. The Oxbridge reject who claims they’re ‘happy they didn’t get in’  

Durham has over time established the title of “the university of the Oxbridge rejects”, and for good reason. Someone once said “rejection is redirection,” and many failed applicants found themselves redirected into the fine colleges of Durham. Having had the summer to tend to their bruised egos, you’ll soon be able to identify these people when they confess they’re “actually so happy here” and “it was for the best they didn’t get in.” They’re only trying to convince themselves, so no need to give any input in such scenarios – just nod and smile. #doxbridge 

 5. The mysterious person on your corridor who you see once and never again 

Whether or not you bonded immediately with your corridor or simply exchange nods as you awkwardly pass them in the kitchen, there will be the one person who you just won’t glimpse until a few weeks in for the split second they’re outside their room, only for them to disappear into the abyss for the remaining eight months of first year.  

6. The one who’s skipped 3/4 of their lectures and won’t shut up about it 

You do you. Whether that’s the best way to make the most of that £9,250 is up for debate but, you know, “first year doesn’t count.”

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