Applications to join The Durham Tab’s editorial team are now OPEN

Applications close at 23:59 on Sunday 21st May


The Durham Tab is now recruiting for our 2023/24 editorial team.  We’re read by thousands of students each month, and we are looking for a driven and ambitious team of editors to take on the next year.

The positions available are Editor-in-Chief, News Editor, Features Editor and Social Editor.

We are run by Durham Uni students who like being first – our story telling is brave, original and entertaining. Whether that’s breaking the biggest stories on campus, holding the university to account or writing the sharpest feature stories that everyone is talking about.

The deadline for applications is 23:59 on Sunday 21st May. 

You don’t need to have written for The Durham Tab before, but, as these are editorial roles, some journalistic experience would certainly help.  If you have your own blog or have written for different publications in the past and are looking to step up your experience, you should definitely apply.


You will be responsible for overseeing every article published by The Durham Tab and lead the direction of our coverage.

Day to day, you will work with section editors to make sure we are breaking big stories and publishing entertaining features.

Alongside this, you’ll be managing and editing individual writers, making sure The Durham Tab has the most talented writers in our team.

The role is incredibly rewarding and a great experience to have in leading a large team in a fast-paced and exciting environment. To fit this role you should be friendly and supportive to new and existing writers, thorough in editing articles and have a keen eye for the stories that will make an impact and hit a chord with students across campus.

News Editor

You’ll be responsible for making sure The Durham Tab chases the biggest and most exciting scoops across around campus.

This role often involves needing to react to fast-paced and changing stories as they develop on the day. You need to be able to sniff out a good story when you see one.

You’ll work alongside the Editor-in-Chief to write weekly and edit articles.

You’ll be working on stories just like these:

Durham students left to sleep on the streets overnight to sign houses during housing crisis

‘You better have a rape alarm on you’: Police investigating Jimmy’s bouncer for sexually harassing student

‘He pushed me against the wall and unbuttoned my shirt’: Students report further incidents with Jimmy’s bouncers

The Mighty Mite: How Scabies has taken over Durham and what to do if you’ve got it

Features Editor

As Features Editor you’ll be in charge of writing and editing the most fun and ridiculous feature pieces.

The role allows you to be witty, educational, opinionated and creative in your writing.

It’s important you know what’s relevant, interesting and funny to the specific student audience at Durham.

You’ll be working on stories just like these:

Eight things in my £9k Hatfield room that would put my non-Durham friends in a coma

The 10 horrible hook-ups you’ll have at Durham Uni

The absolute best places to go for brunch in Durham

The nine types of boys you will meet out clubbing in Durham

Social Editor

As Social Media Editor you’ll have creative control over our rapidly growing Instagram and TikTok accounts as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts. They have a combined following of over 30,000 students.

You will have an eye for the latest trends, memes and aesthetics as well as coming up with creative TikTok ideas to help develop our video journalism.

The Durham Tab influence and impact across campus is reliant on a top-notch social media game. This job is suited to someone who loves the ins and outs of social media and wants to gain some real experience (which looks great on your CV).

If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to apply for any of the advertised roles, please fill out this Google form.


The deadline for applications is 23:59 on Sunday 21st May. 

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