‘Don’t join the Tories!’: Sam Fender tells Durham student on night out in Klute

Was the Seventeen Going Under singer doing some uni viewing?


Sam Fender was spotted out and about in Durham on Sunday night where he joked to The Durham Tab, the uni is made up of students not quite good enough for Oxford or Cambridge and told students not to “go on and join the Tory party”.

Enjoying a night out sinking pints and playing pool in a local pub, he also opened up about his fashion choices admitting “everything I own kind of looks the same”, before adding: “Just put anything together and you can rock it.”

News that Sam Fender was in Durham last night spread at hypersonic speed so naturally I had to go down in an attempt to meet the Brit Award winning singer. Initial rumours suggested he was in Klute to which my two thoughts were “it cannot be” and “how much have I had to drink?!”.

Surely he wasn’t actually in Durham and if he was, he would certainly not go to SNK. We continued on to another bar, the question of ‘what if?’ looming over me.

The giveaway Sam was in Durham, via Klute’s Instagram

Just as I’d convinced myself he’s not roaming the Bailey, I turn around and there he is, ordering a pint in The Library (the bar, not the Billy B).

The news that Sam Fender was in The Library spread faster than that Scabies outbreak last term, and it filled up pretty much instantaneously. It was clear that he was out for a night with his friends, who surrounded him at the pool table. Cue (pun intended) everyone subtly trying to sit as close as possible while also attempting to play it extremely cool as they sneaked photographs.

Unfortunately, I was quite far away, and so any photos were extremely zoomed in and pretty rubbish, meaning friends from home were not believing the spam on my private story. We cut our losses there.

Said dodgy photo, but Sam at The Library with a pool cue nonetheless

As the bar staff called last orders, out of the corner of my eye I spotted him getting photos with other students, and took my chance (all in the name of journalism, of course). He seemed like a nice guy, and was up for a laugh and a chat.

We achieved a selfie with the man himself, followed by my friend casually striking up a conversation/trying to flirt with him about his outfit. She told him she liked his top and he responded that “everything I own kind of looks the same. Just put anything together and you can rock it”. What more endorsement of the capsule wardrobe do you need?

The Seventeen Going Under singer was a few pints deep at this point, and so didn’t really respond to my fairly highbrow, inquisitive, journalistic question: “Do you come to Durham often?”

He did joke that Durham was full of people who weren’t quite good enough for Oxford or Cambridge, to which I frantically explained that I hadn’t actually applied so therefore they couldn’t reject me. He also told us to not “go on and join the Tory party” but admitted that there have been “Labour leaders who didn’t do a great job either”.

He ended by saying “basically don’t join politics and I won’t hate you”. Deal, Sam.

Anyone who has ever said Durham is boring has been proved incredibly wrong; what started out as a normal night catching up with friends after the Easter holidays, ended with us having heart palpitations because we’d just bumped into SAM FENDER in a bar. I wonder what he’d make of DJ Dave?

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