Cardiff students are the most vape-addicted out of all the Russell Group universities

That reminds me, where is my vape?

Cardiff Uni is the Russell Group university with the most vape-addicted students, according to recent survey by The Tab.

It also scored third overall out of all UK universities, with Northumbria and Oxford Brookes taking the top two spots.

67 per cent of Cardiff Uni students said they were addicted to vapes, which is an increase of 40 per cent since the year before.

This is slightly lower than Northumbria and Oxford Brookes which scored 75 per cent and 68 per cent, respectively.

6,000 students from across the UK took part in the survey, which looks at how much students are vaping, how often, and where.

The survey found that Lost Marys were the most popular vapes, with 35 per cent of Cardiff Uni students saying they buy this brand.

Also, the majority of people who said they vape, didn’t smoke before picking up the habit with only 48 per cent of people who vape were smokers before.

16 per cent of students also said they’d had negative effects on their health since starting vaping. They reported suffering from gum disease, mouth ulcers, constant shortness of breath, coughing and teeth problems.

When asked how long it takes them to finish a vape, over 25 per cent of students said it takes them a day to get through one, with eight per cent saying they’ll get through one during a night out.


No other Welsh university made it onto the list.

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