Here’s what Cardiff students are up to this Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re cuffed, single, or somewhere in-between, love is certainly in the air

If you still haven’t made your V-Day plans yet then you may want to take some inspo from our very own Cardiff Tab team. From local restaurant recs to a Taylor Swift club night, our writers are making sure that everyone is feeling the love today.

Caitlin and her boyfriend are off to Steak of the Art for a cute romantic dinner, but if staying in’s more your style then take a leaf out of Weronika’s book: she and her boyfriend are making pizzas together (if you’re not a Gordon Ramsay type then I totally recommend this).

Drishtee will be living the self-care dream, buying herself some skincare and chocolates to treat herself to. Who needs a Valentine when you can love yourself? Plus face masks and chocolate are guaranteed not to break your heart which is always a bonus.

Some of our writers are embracing friendships this Valentine’s Day, such as Alice and Sophia who are going for brunch at Juno Lounge then dancing the night away at SwiftSoc’s ‘LoverFest’.

Tommy’s living the dream over in Sydney, so he’ll be scouring Bondi for the fittest surfer boys. This is actually a bit iconic, because even if he doesn’t succeed on the Valentine’s front he’ll come away with a tan that a Vitamin D-deficient Cathays resident can only dream of.

However, it’s Evie who officially wins Valentine’s 2023. She and her boyfriend are making their Valentine’s meal a GREGGS CRAWL. This is the best idea we’ve ever heard TBH, so if you see the rest of us collapsed on the floor of the SU Greggs covered in pastry crumbs and crying on February 14th…mind your own business. Ta very much.

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