Which iconic rom-com character are you based on your Cardiff Uni halls?

Let’s see how far your halls shapes your love life

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s time to reflect on our favourite rom-com characters and how we relate to some of them on a deeper level at this time of year. Location is everything, and with that in mind, we believe that we’ve found you all your perfect rom-com match based on where you lived in first year.

Taly South

Kicking things off with the iconic Taly South, its reputation speaks for itself. You’re fun, flirty, sociable and, most importantly, you can’t be tied down. You channel How To Be Single’s’ Robin played by Rebel Wilson: you’ve swapped the chase in New York City for the chase in Cardiff, and you can’t get enough. Mix this with a bit of Mamma Mia’s Donna flitting between Sam, Bill and Harry and you’ve got your perfect combo. Why have one guy/girl on the go, when you can have three, right?

Taly North

You probably picked Taly North because it’s right next to the sports pitches or maybe you just wanted in on the Taly action somehow. For this reason you resemble Noah Centineo’s portrayal of Peter Kavinsky in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: a talented sportsmen, ideal for the location of North. Sure, you can be a bit on the cringey side, but you make a great partner – as long as you keep your wondering eye in check. Here’s to the Peter Kavinskys of the world, we’re not calling you “icky”, we’re just calling you sporty…

Taly Court

Court is enough to transform you from Wild Child’s blonde Poppy Moore, to her authentic brunette self who falls in love with handsome private school boy, Freddie Kingsley. You do have a wild side, but you’re really more of an introvert at heart. Your luxurious sofas alone are enough to transform your relationship status from single to boarder-line exclusive, dare we say even committed? Court just generally strikes a remarkable resemblance to Wild’s Child’s scenic boarding school, Abbey Mount. Hopefully you won’t encounter any Harriets during your stay.

Taly Gate

Taly Gate AKA Tory Gate, you can expect to follow The Notebook’s Allie Hamilton’s whirlwind of a love story. You’re surrounded by a mix of personalities, but you seem to be drawn to the more rebellious types who pull you away from the conventional love life that Mummy and Daddy wanted you to have. Expect passion and indecisiveness this Valentine’s Day, and just know your Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams is right around the corner. They could even be as near as Taly North, ready to sweep you off your feet just as Noah did to Allie.

Senghennydd Court

If you’ve heard of a film called How to Lose a Guy in 10 days then taking him back to Senghetto is the answer. Between the reasonably small kitchens and shared bathrooms, Senghetto is the place to be if you’re looking to drop a clingy Valentine. Andie Anderson combines intelligence and independence, so take this approach forwards this Valentine’s Day.

Senghenyydd Hall

It’s Bridget Jones vibes from here on in. But don’t be insulted, you still have the guys/gals chasing after you. You love a cosy night in and a bottle of cheap wine, plus an episode of Love Island is more than enough to keep you happy. Whilst you naturally feel content single, stay alert because your Mr or Mrs Right may be closer than you realise.

University Hall

Living in Uni Hall requires the charm of Hugh Grant’s character Will Thacker in Notting Hill. The distance of this accom from town speaks for itself: inevitably, you’ll be finding yourself in a long distance relationship much like Will and Anna, where American actress meets London Book seller. So your Valentine might just be hiding in Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama or, even worse, Cardiff Met.

Aberconway Hall

You’re either Elle Woods from Legally Blonde or Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones’ Diary, there’s no in between. For the Elle Woods people of Aberconway, you’re not afraid to stand up for what you want and deserve. You push away the girly stereotype in a male-dominated environment to find someone who appreciates you for your intelligence and personality. As for the Mark Darcys, you can be a bit on the shy and stiff side so maybe drop that uptight exterior and loosen up this Valentine’s Day so you can sweep your Bridget Jones off her feet.

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