Iconic Borat cut out stolen from Cathays vape shop

This Borat-napping was not very nice

The Borat cutout from Vape Nation, on Woodville road, was stolen last week after he was in competition to go to a new home.

Imran, the owner of Vape Nation, advertised on Overheard at Cardiff University that he was launching a competition to give Borat away to the most liked comment on his Facebook post.

Vape Nation had selected one student as a winner but the same day, a group of girls came into the shop and took Borat whilst the staff were distracted serving customers.

Imran said he was initially giving away Borat because: “we had a lot of problems from a local group of people they wanted us to remove Borat because he insulted a certain group of people in the local area they said if we didn’t take him down we will damage your shop.

“I thought they were joking until we had a breeze block thrown on our roof.”

This breeze block damaged the roof and Imran had to hire builders to fix the roof, the problems stopped once Imran posted that they were going to be giving Borat away.

However, Borat never made it to his new home as he was stolen.

The Borat cutout has now been replaced with a Mr Bean cutout instead and he has proven very popular amongst Cardiff students.

Students love taking selfies with him and Imran says he now has a loyal fanbase with students from all over Cardiff coming to take photos with Mr Bean.

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