sketch show

The Tab meets Bafflesmash

LOUIS SHANKAR talks to Bafflesmash before their new sketch show at Pembroke Cellars.


A stunning and intimate performance leaves ALLAN HENNESSY wanting to sweat profusely with Nigel Farage at zumba class.

FAILURE: Dress Rehearsal Review

TED HILL reviews the dress rehearsal of new sketch show Failure

Dystopia: The Musical! (a sketch show)

From executive producer Michael Bay, a brand new sketch show-cum-musical by Footlights regulars, coming soon to a Corpus Playroom near you.

Footlights Presents: Dümpf

LOUIS SHANKAR reviews another ‘mixed’ night of comedy

How To Write A Play If You’re A Medic

PETER SKIDMORE is a medic, and he’s a playwright. Ladies and Gentlemen it is possible. Read on to find out how.


OLIVER JAMES is impressed by this witty and fast-paced sketch show.

Tab Tries Dining With CowsDrinkMilk

BEN DALTON is hungry enough to call upon CowsDrinkMilk to make him Thai Green Curry. The results are delicious in more ways than one.

Cooking With the Cows

LEAF ARBUTHNOT shares her recipe for Thai Green Curry and forces the cast of CowsDrinkMilk to cook it for her.

The Theatre Guide Dog Awards Lent 2012

You’ve worked awfully hard this term, and THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG is here to give you treats.

Now, Now

TOBY PARKER REES can finally love again, thanks to Care of Douglas.