National Union of Students

Cambridge’s boycott of National Student Survey is successful

The boycott was organised by the NUS in an attempt to obstruct rises in tuition fees

NUS to ban whooping, cheering and clapping

Attendees have to use jazz hands instead

Cambridge University alcohol survey results REVEALED

Spoilers: we’re not as lit as we think we are

NUS Vice President shuns “toxic level of debate” in response to allegations

Richard Brooks has issued a statement via social media against allegations made yesterday

PEXIT: Referendum to take place next week

Let’s talk about Sex (Clubs)

REVEALED: Malia Bouattia was investigated by NUS for anti-Semitism

They were ‘satisfied, based on the evidence and information available to me that it was not Malia’s intention to be anti-Semitic’.

THOUSANDS in NUS fees missing from CUSU information

Where is the money?

NUS President Malia Bouitta speaks out on accusations of anti-Semitism

‘I am deeply concerned at accusations of antisemitism’

Students DEMAND CUSU disaffiliate from NUS following controversial election

“A horrifying message to Jewish students in the UK”

Confusion Reigns At CUSU

A key meeting of the CUSU Council broke up in confusion on Tuesday night.