Lady Gaga

Narcissism – Facebook’s Very Own Cancer

No make-up selfies seem to be the new Nek-nominate, but for WILL KELLET the implications are a lot darker.

The Tab Meets: Glamrou from Denim

BETH SWORDS talks to Amrou Al-Kadhi (aka Glamrou), the founder of Denim, about their new endeavours post-university and the sadomasochism behind sequins.

Social Roulette

“A game of chance where your identity is the grand prize”: LAUREN CHAPLIN checks out the new internet fad that forces us to re-examine what Facebook means to us.

The Tab Meets: Niyi

Singer, music producer and Cantab Niyi discusses Russian audiences, fashion and the Cambridge music scene with CLAUDIA LEONG.

What Happens On Tour…

GENEVIEVE GAUNT gives us a behind the scenes glimpse at the Pembroke Players’ Shakespeare tour in Japan, including Gaga-related antics and finding Japan’s smallest woman.

Tom Rasmussen

TOM RASMUSSEN spends his week in heated debate about Lady Gaga. But, it’s not as shallow as it sounds.

Seriously, Where Are all the Lesbians?

SIAN DOCKSEY follows up The Tab’s Fresher survey with a more serious look into why it’s so hard for women to be openly lesbian in Cambridge.

Review: The EllaFunks

JENNA CORDEROY: ‘with a Corona in one hand and a notepad in the other, I braced myself for what was going to be an electrifying night, and watch the professionals at work’

Under the Influence

TABATHA LEGGETT offers her thoughts on ‘Time’ magazine’s ‘100 Most Influential People’ list.

Is Pop Porn?

MAX DURSTON asks whether Lady Gaga’s pop videos are hypersexualised, or just a bit weird.

The Tab Lonely Hearts Club

Dating ads from the familiar faces both inside and outside the bubble, bringing a little love into the world.

Tab Rates vs. Tab Slates: The Noughties

The success stories, the failures and the things we’d like to see die out: the decade that was.