The Tab meets: Animal activists

We managed to bag an eerie interview with the ringleader of the anti-animal testing group NOAV plaguing the Uni recently

Cambridge’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Week 1

Zac Baynham-Herd tentatively introduces himself to Zac Baynham-Herd

Tab Meets: Big Fish Ents

We talk to Louise, Cambridge’s biggest club promoter

Germaine-king me angry! Medwards’ Miss England hits back at critics

It’s all about equality, insists first-class Cambridge medic recently crowned Miss England 2014.

What makes a Blues cricketer tick?

FELIX STYLES chats to upcoming cricket legend, Nipuna Senaratne.

Tab Meets: The King’s Men

ANNA WILMOT talks to the swoon-worthy, beautifully talented ‘King’s Men’ to chat about their new album and plans for May Week.

The Instagoddess and her 70,000 Disciples

We speak to CAROLINE CALLOWAY: a fresher who studies History of Art and has 70,000 followers on Instagram.

Katie Hopkins: “I’d shag Nigel Farage, only because I hate him less than I hate Miley”

Meet KATIE HOPKINS, the ‘Jesus of the Outspoken’: funny, engaging, hard as nails and, as we found out, impossible to rattle..

“We won’t tell your DoS, we don’t know your friends, we won’t judge”

We’ve seen the stickers in the bathroom walls, but what does LINKLINE do? In this Mental Health Awareness week, we sat down with Michael Zervos to found out.

Tab TV Meets: Jamie Laing – “What’s elitism?”

We catch up with Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing, who was in Cambridge to open his new sweet shop.

Tab Meets: CUSU Living Wage Officer, Ben Bayley

JOE WHITWELL and HAZEL SHEARING talk King’s recent victory and their hopes for other colleges with the CUSU Living Wage officer.

Weed smoking hippies or water born nomads? Tab meets: the river dwellers

CHARLIE DOWELL explores the moorings of the Cam and meets its colourful floating inhabitants.

Bounce Off!

Jess Farmery pits bouncer against bouncer as she tours the clubs.

Tab Meets: Alan Davies

ANNA WILMOT speaks to legendary funny man, Alan Davies, about QI, Jonathon Creek, and the follow-up to his long-awaited return to stand-up comedy with his show, Little Victories.

Top sites for getting a job

IT correspondant, PIPPA CALVIN, divulges her pretty fucking awesome tips for landing a decent job.

Sexual Playlist

JONNY WATKINS and OJ WATSON asked the students of Cambridge what tunes they liked to make sweet, sensuous love to. Turns out it’s not all about Shaggy and Marvin Gaye.

Tab Meets: Student Minds

JOE WHITWELL talks to Student Minds at the start of their Mental Health Week, about what they do and the pressures of being a student in Cambridge.

The Tab Talks Frozen Yoghurt with Chill

ANNA WILMOT sits down with the owners of Cambridge’s first and best frozen yoghurt shop, Chill.

The Tab Talks to The Maypole

ANNA WILMOT sits down with Vincent Castiglione, the owner of the Maypole, to discuss the success of his family-run pub and its popularity among the Cambridge students.

Tab Meets: Porter Girl

JOE WHITWELL meets the policewoman turned Deputy Head Porter at ‘Old College’…