The Tab Talks Frozen Yoghurt with Chill

ANNA WILMOT sits down with the owners of Cambridge’s first and best frozen yoghurt shop, Chill.

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Two weeks ago, the new store ‘Chill’, tucked away on Green Street, opened its doors as the city’s first frozen yoghurt shop, bringing the London craze into the heart of Cambridge. The reaction seemed pretty positive.

Someone’s excited

I returned for the third time in 48 hours to speak to Clive and Teresa, the owners of this new independent cafe, to talk to them briefly about this new business venture.

So opening in a frozen yoghurt place in February seems pretty rogue – why did you schedule the opening for now? 

We have had issues trying to open this shop for about a year now. We missed three deadlines that we put in – summer, freshers and Christmas. But we were set on opening in this location. In Cambridge specifically. We love the city. Frozen yoghurt is very much a ‘London thing’ and the companies that sell it there are very reluctant to take it outside the city, but we want to extend the craze to Cambridge.

How is business going so far?

It’s been going well. Frozen yoghurt is considered a premium product in London – yoghurt culture has been hailed as the new cafe culture, and it has got sort of a cult following so we do get loads of London-based students coming in almost every day. But we are hoping to attract a greater part of the student-body, which is obviously difficult when it’s so cold. We also do coffees here, which not everybody knows –  that’s actually what we were doing before this.

What have you guys got planned for the future?

We are hoping to expand and acquire some new locations within Cambridge – we want to keep it local so we can remain involved directly in running the stores. The mural on the wall actually has lots of hidden symbols of Cambridge in it to say how we feel connected with the city.
We will also be coming out with new flavours every week – from this Saturday we will be stocking dulce de leche and mango.

Here it is, in all its glory

*****NOTE TO ALL READERS!! Until the end of February anyone who cites ‘The Tab’ when buying a frozen yoghurt from Chill will receive an extra topping for free. You’re welcome.*****