cambridge freshers

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An A to Z to Cambridge for the international fresher

I’m as confused as you are

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I’m only at Medwards hun I don’t want your pity

Pooled and proud

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Your very own unofficial official Cambridge dictionary

You’re welcome

Freshers’ Week is overrated

Don’t feel too pressured to make the first week your best week

How to make the most of the Christmas holiday

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel

We need to talk about second year blues

I miss my Fresher youth.

What Cambridge students wear: A fresher’s interpretation

Still clueless

Deliveroo is bringing Cambridge students free food throughout Freshers’ Week

I’m always hungry hmu

The Tab’s Ultimate Cambridge A-Z, Part 1

I got 26 problems and Cambridge is every single one

Flying the LGBT+ rainbow flag is patronising, and it won’t get us anywhere.

Aesthetics without actions don’t mean anything

How to fit in at Cambridge

A guide to being unique, trendy and generally the raddest thing in town

‘Round Cambridge: Episode 1

HENRY COBURN probes deep into the lives of Cambridge freshers.

9 Best Freshers’ Week Bonding Films

Tired of talking this Freshers week? Think like a primary school English teacher and reach for the VHS…

How To Be Popular In Freshers Week

Being popular from the outset is extremely important. We tell you how it’s done…

Cambridge A-Z, Part 1

Coming up to Cambridge in 2013? Make sure you know what awaits you with our Freshers A – Z, Part 1

Late Night Cramming Session

The results are in for part two of our Freshers’ Survey. Find out how many freshers are virgins, which subjects contain the most serial shaggers, and how many have had a one night stand.