Late Night Cramming Session

The results are in for part two of our Freshers’ Survey. Find out how many freshers are virgins, which subjects contain the most serial shaggers, and how many have had a one night stand.

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By now you should have seen the first part of our Freshers’ Survey in our paper copy, and read about the extent of drug use among the incoming freshers. Now, read what these youngsters get up to in the bedroom.

We can exclusively reveal that:

–    Almost a third of freshers are VIRGINS
–    44% of freshers have had a ONE NIGHT STAND
–    History of Art students are the most succSEXful in the bedroom


Last year’s Freshers’ Survey uncovered a severe lack of lesbians – the number of homosexual men was ten times the number of homosexual women.

But, this year things have evened out. Three quarters of freshers are heterosexual, whilst 4% are gay and 5% are lesbians.

A further 6% are bisexual, and 2% are transsexual.


Despite the average British teen losing their virginity at the age of 16, Cambridge freshers are relatively inexperienced when it comes to the bedroom.

A massive 33% are virgins. What’s more, 18% have had just one sexual partner and 11% have had just two. Abhijit Nair, an incoming medic at St Catz, puts this down to single sex schooling: “Well it is Cambridge – most go to some snobby all girls/boys school, so not surprising!”

When it comes to separating the Casanovas from the Comp Scis, there is a clear arts/science divide. Whilst just a quarter of arts students have yet to pop the cherry, a mammoth 42% of scientists are virgins.

And the divides don’t stop there – we found that freshers coming from state schools were almost twice as likely to be virgins than their privately educated counterparts.


There’s no clear gender divide when it comes to the bedroom. Cambridge’s boys average 3.73 sexual conquests each, with the girls averaging just 3.12 shag partners each.

The average fresher has had just 3.46 sexual partners.

History of Art students lead the way with sexual conquests, with Philosophy students coming in second place.

And Vet Meds have been keeping their snakes locked away, averaging just 1.93 sexual partners each.


Those who have had sex have certainly been enjoying themselves – a massive 44% of freshers admit they’ve had a one-night stand.

“I wouldn’t have said that makes them slutty. I’ve always thought of slutty more as being a quantity thing than a quality/type/duration thing. It is a surprisingly big proportion though,” says Tristin Harckon, an incoming music fresher at Girton.

If you haven’t seen it already, head down to your plodge NOW to read part one of the results in our special Freshers’ Week paper edition.