The Bristol Tab’s Clubbers of The Week

There’s nothing worse than leaving Gravity covered in VK residue

It’s a Triangle only special this week, Thekla just wasn’t giving what it usually gives. Usually Pressure is a goldmine for good club pictures but this week everyone there was being too normal.

Looking through all of last weeks pictures made me realise I’m actually starting to recognise all the club regulars and it’s freaking me out. Maybe some of you should take some time off the Triangle grind.

Clique at Lola Lo

Guy in the middle is quite clearly fighting for his life. Why would you pap him in this vulnerable state? Let him battle his demons in peace.

Fishies at Gravity

Bet this is a surprise. It’s a rare occurrence that Gravity feature in this article these days and you know what else is looking pretty rare?!

This is so Lady GaGa’s meat dress from the 2010 VMAs. Amazing outfit hun. I love the thought of the photographer specifically singling you out of the crowd for your own special photo shoot.

Fishies at Gravity (again)

There’s nothing worse than leaving Gravity covered in VK residue. Why would you do this to yourself on purpose? Mr tiger is serving you serious side eye.

La Rocca

New La Rocca merch just dropped.

Have you ever found yourself  dying to get your hands on one of those gorgeous Bristol uni sports society ties? I know I have! Great news! You can now pop down to your local La Rocca and get one just like it but with more Rubix cubes xx

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Featured image credit via Instagram/@fishies.bristol