First dates can be scary so here’s your guide to having a successful romantic rendezvous

First date jitters will be a thing of the past if you follow this advice


You’ve finally made it past the dry talking stage and have secured a date with one of Bristol’s most eligible. As you’re waiting for them to pick you up and take you to Steam the nerves might be kicking in, we’ve all been there.

First dates are only daunting if you treat them that way, continue reading to see how you can fully prepare yourself for your next first date.

1. Remember that dates are good for the plot

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If you find yourself overthinking things and becoming anxious about the date, just remember one thing: if it’s good for the gains, the group-chat or the plot, we’re doing it.

Who doesn’t love hearing about their friends’ horrendous date stories? If you can’t think of a friend who always has the best (worst) date stories, you either are that friend or this is your sign to be that friend.

2. Pregame to prepare

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A glass of red, a tequila shot or a diet coke, whatever does the trick for you, but I know you know what beverage I’m talking about.

Get your bev ready, choose a playlist and indulge in the process of getting ready. The playlist is a key part here, you don’t want to go to the date with a lovey-dovey mood. You’ll want to listen to songs that will hype you up in half a second, not songs that will have you planning your dream wedding. In other words, move away from the ‘You Belong With Me’ Taylor to the ‘…Ready For It?’ Taylor.

3. The Starter Rule

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Remember, this is a first date, a starter if I may. Think of it as a teaser for the award winning movie that you are.

You’re giving them a taste of what it would be like to be a character in your story. Share fun, personal stories that can give insight into what your relationship personality would look like.

A good starter is the one that leaves you excited for the main dish not the one that fills you up immediately. Don’t panic if everything doesn’t go perfectly, enjoy the process of getting to know someone and yourself along the way.

4. Rather safe than sorry

Make sure your close friends or family know where you are going, when you are meant to be back and how the date is going.

This can be as simple as sending a thumbs up emoji to your flatmate or if the date’s not living up to the thumbs up emoji, perhaps the shrimp emoji.

5. Questions, questions, questions

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First dates are almost always awkward. Some people love how awkward it is whereas others despise it and don’t know how to deal with weird silences. This is when questions come to play – so think of some questions beforehand to save yourself (and your date) from the seemingly never-ending moment of dull silence.

These can be anything from their dream blunt rotation, to their 2022 Spotify Wrapped, to what crime they would commit if they knew there’d be no consequences. Trust me, these fun, innocent questions do more red flag detecting than you’ve ever seen before.

6. Post-first date afters

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Having plans after a first date is also really important for two reasons. Firstly, if the date isn’t going that well, you will have a solid reason to leave with no lies involved.

Alternatively, if it is going well and you want to make second-date plans, this will give you the perfect opportunity to say you need to leave so you can start planning the second date during the first date. Either way, having plans for after is good for you and your understanding of how the date went as you can reflect on your time with your person/group of choice.

7. Remember this is their first date as well

Last but not least, if you’re finding it difficult to relax before and/or during, remember that this is their first date as well. Chances are, they’re just as excited to meet you and equally as nervous about the potential awkwardness. Instead of dwelling on it, try to embrace it.

First dates are one of the only scenarios in which we can be 100 per cent our true selves. You know yourself with your friends, family, at school or at work, but those personalities are usually shaped in relation to the people around you and the context in which you’re in. During a first date, you’re probably meeting a stranger for the first time – use this opportunity to see what you truly like and want, and what your dealbreakers are.

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