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House of the Dragon fans spot Olivia Cooke in a super old One Direction tour video

She was paid £50 AND a got piggyback off Harry Styles

A video of House of Dragon star Olivia Cooke frolicking around with One Direction has resurfaced online, with fans left shocked at how different she looks.

Released 12 years ago, the band’s Autumn Term Tour Video shows Olivia riding a bike and getting a piggy back off Harry Styles, among other silly things.

House of the Dragon fans are only now realising now that it was Olivia in the video, as well as the fact that she only got paid £50 for the gig.

You wouldn’t be blamed for not believing that up and coming House of the Dragon star Olivia Cooke was in a One Direction video, but the proof is in the pudding.

Pointing at books, running around the grounds of a manor and riding posh bikes, Olivia was only 17 when she appeared in the band’s tour video. It’s all very preppy and she’s even dressed in peak 2012 fashion, including a wine red beanie.

At one point, she passes Harry an umbrella as the pair stare at each other fondly, whilst in another scene she jumps on Harry’s back as he runs to attack someone on a bike with said umbrella.

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We even get a solo shot of Olivia as she gazes wistfully out of the library window, looking incredibly wise and collected or a 17-year-old who just met the whole 1D band.

Olivia told Digital Spy back in 2018 that she was hardly star struck by the ordeal because she didn’t really know who One Direction was. Oh, how that aged.

When asked whether she appeared in the video, she said: “Yeah, when I was 17, for like £50. It was just for their tour.”

Not only that, but her acting skills in the video were in order to earn a few quid, which is so ironic now looking back.

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Olivia explained: “I think they had only been on X Factor, so I didn’t really know who they were. No, it was just a day’s work for a bit of extra pocket money.”

Regardless of how small 1D were back then, this makes Olivia look undeniably cool. Imagine being able to ride on Harry Styles’ back AND get paid for it? She’s winning and don’t we all know it.

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