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Rhaenys’ actress hints her character could be making a return to House of the Dragon

Praying this isn’t the last we’ve seen of her

I’m still not emotionally ready to accept the fact that Rhaenys died in the last episode of House of the Dragon, but after a recent revelation maybe I don’t have to. Because that’s a completely healthy coping tool right? In case you need refreshing on what happened she plunged to her death alongside her dragon Meleys during an aerial fight with Aegon and Aemond, basically, it’s all Vhagars fault and I stand by that.

But, all is not lost as Eve Best who plays Rhaenys has hinted her character might be returning to House of the Dragon in future episodes. We’ve already seen them bring back previous actors, as seen when Daemon saw a young Rhaenyra played by Milly Alcock in one of his eerie visions.


Whilst Rhaenys is definitely sadly dead, as Eve clarified: “The choice to go, that second return to plunge in with Vhagar — that’s an absolute kamikaze mission.” However, when asked if she would return to the show as Rhaenys in a similar fashion to how Milly Alcock has in the form of a vision, she replied: “I’d love her to. I think she should haunt [Corlys] like crazy. She should pop up everywhere he goes, giving him all kinds of advice and a piece of her mind. We’ll see. Who knows?” Alright, who do I need to call up to make sure this happens?

As for why she’s so keen to haunt Corlys, it’s because Rhaenys finds out about his illegitimate children but despite this, she still encourages him to recognise them as his heirs. Eve explained: “That’s a classic example of her yet again putting aside her personal grief and her feelings. I think inside, she’s broken and devastated. But always doing the right thing. Never letting anybody, apart from Meleys, see her insides.”

Here’s hoping this isn’t the last we see of her!

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