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Ranking all the terrifying dragons in House of the Dragon by how insanely big they are

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As the name suggests there are a lot of dragons in House of the Dragon, but some are insanely big whilst others are about the same size as a horse. Not all of the dragons in the world have been claimed so this list will just cover the ones ridden by the Greens and Blacks.

Every dragon has their own distinct personality with Rhaenyra’s dragon Syrax being a bit spoiled whereas Vhagar is a stone cold killer. So, let’s rank all the dragons in House of the Dragon by how insanely big they are.

9. Moondancer

The smallest dragon is ridden by Baela Targaryen and stays the same size as a fairly small horse, however they have made her a bit larger in the show. Whilst she might not be the biggest she’s very nimble and agile, allowing Baela to reach some good speed on her.

8. Tyraxes

Tyraxes is ridden by Joffrey Velayron and as he’s still a young dragon he can’t yet fight in combat, but can be ridden to cover long distances.

7. Vermax


Vermax can be found at Dragonstone and is ridden by Jace throughout House of the Dragon in order to gain support for his mother.

6. Seasmoke

Seasmoke was the dragon who belonged to Rhaenyra’s previous husband Laenor, who faked his death in order to run away with his lover. His departure causes Seasmoke to become very restless but in the books, he is reclaimed by Addam of Hull, and since we’ve already seen him in season two we might see him on Seamsmoke before the end of the season.

5. Sunfyre

Sunfyre is ridden by Aegon and after the brutal fight last episode, we have no idea whether he’s even still alive. Whilst he might not be the biggest dragon he’s regarded as one of the prettiest with gold scales and pinkish wings. Serving always.

4. Syrax


Syrax is ridden by Rhaenyra and whilst she might not be as big as the other dragons in House of the Dragon, she’s certainly the most spoiled. She was named after a Valyrian goddess and as a result, never had to hunt for herself or appear in battle until the Dance of the Dragons started.

3. Meleys


Now we’re down to the final three dragons and all of these are truly massive. Meleys is one of the biggest dragons in Westeros, or after the last episode, was is more accurate. Despite her huge size, she was one of the fastest dragons and I’m still convinced both she and Rhaenys could have made it out of the battle alive.

2. Caraxes


Caraxes is ridden by Daemon and is very much designed for war. He was used twice in battle by Daemon’s uncle and again in Stepstones so he’s a veteran on the battleground.

1. Vhagar


Vhagar is the biggest dragon out of all the claimed ones and she’s absolutely massive. She was named after one of the Old Valyrian gods and has been ridden by four different members of the royal family. Ridden by Aemond, the two make an absolutely formidable team and if I saw her shadow above me I think I would simply pass away from fear.

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