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Here’s the underwhelming amount of money a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader actually makes

One cheerleader admitted she makes the same amount as a fast food worker

If you’ve recently become obsessed with the newest docuseries to land on Netflix, America’s Sweethearts: The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, then you’ve no doubt wondered how much money a cheerleader actually makes. It seems that with the extreme amount of practice and dedication needed it would be a pretty high paying job, but you’d be wrong.

Most of the girls in the Netflix series who managed to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader still had to work a second full time job in order to make enough money to survive. So, let’s find out the slightly underwhelming amount of money a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader actually makes.

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According to NBC Sports Boston, the average amount of money a cheerleader can make per game is roughly $150 (£120), however, Dallas Cheerleaders reportedly get paid more.

Talking to Glamour, Greg Whitely who is the director and executive producer of the Netflix show, revealed more about their pay. He explained: “Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are on the highest end of that [NFL cheer] pay scale. I’ve heard horror stories of what a typical NFL cheerleader [makes], but I think the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders fall into a new category. None of them are rich. None of them are getting paid a ton, but it isn’t the same dearth of payment that I think other NFL cheerleaders have to experience.”

During the series, one cheerleader was asked by producers how much she makes per year and her answer was startling, to say the least. Kat Puryear revealed: “I would say I’m making like a substitute teacher. I would say I’m making like a Chick-fil-A worker who works full time.” The average substitute teacher in America makes roughly $32,000 (£25,000).

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Executive vice president of the Dallas Cowboys, Charlotte Jones also explained that the girls who audition are “not here for the money.” She added: “There’s a lot of cynicism around pay for NFL cheerleaders, as there should be. They’re not paid a lot. But the facts are that they actually don’t come here for the money. They come here for something that’s actually bigger than pay to them.

“They have a passion for dance. There are not a lot of opportunities in the field of dance, and to get to perform at an elite level. It is about being a part of something bigger than themselves. It is about a sisterhood that they were able to form, about relationships that they have for the rest of their lives. They have a chance to feel like they’re valued, that they’re special and that they are making a difference. When the women come here, they find their passion and they find their purpose.”

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