So, what did Penelope previously say about Colin and Eloise Bridgerton in Lady Whistledown?

No wonder they were so upset when they found out it was her

Aside from the big wedding of course, one of the biggest storylines of Bridgerton season three was Colin and Eloise finding out and coming to terms with Penelope being Lady Whistledown.

In lots of the episodes it’s said that Colin and Eloise are particularly upset to find out Lady Whistledown’s identity was so close to home because she’s said some pretty scathing things about them in the past. It’s true, the gossip columnist simply doesn’t know how to bite her tongue.

So, what did Penelope write about future husband Colin Bridgerton and best friend Eloise in her Lady Whistledown column that upset them so much?

What did Penelope say about Eloise in Lady Whistledown?

What Lady Whistledown wrote about Eloise and Colin Bridgerton

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Penelope, or shall we say Lady Whistledown, had some choice words to say about Eloise when she started hanging around with Theo Sharpe. Pen wrote that Eloise was in “improper company” by spending time with the printing assistant, which is pretty reputation ruining in the Ton.

Pen decided to write about Eloise visiting Theo to stop the suspicion that Eloise could have been Whistledown, but the column was scandalous since Theo is below Eloise’s rank in society. Her exact words were that Eloise was consorting with “political radicals” in Bloomsbury.

Then what did Penelope say about future husband Colin Bridgerton in Lady Whistledown?

What Lady Whistledown wrote about Eloise and Colin Bridgerton

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When Colin found out it’s Penelope who is Lady Whistledown, he mentioned a couple of time how it was quite devastating because of what she said about him at the start of the season. The season began with Colin coming back from travelling, which Whistledown commented on.

“There are some who take the embrace of change a step too far,” she wrote. “As with Mr Colin Bridgerton, who seems to have embraced a new personality entirely. But one must wonder, is this new character the real him or simply a ploy for attention? Does Mr Bridgerton even know?”

Lady Whistledown also exposed a huge scandal with Colin in season one. Back then, Colin was planning to marry Marina, and elope with her. However, he didn’t know she was pregnant, and the engagement was an entrapment. Whistledown reported that Marina was pregnant, and had been since before she arrived in London. As an unmarried woman, this is the biggest scandal of them all. Colin ended the engagement.

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