Still sad over the ending of Young Sheldon? Here is where you can watch the cast next

From nostalgic Disney Channel shows to psychological thrillers

Binged all seven seasons of Young Sheldon and watched all of The Big Bang Theory? Oh, and you’ve read up on the many internet theories that the latest season of Young Sheldon has created, such as the plot holes and Sheldon’s style change. Since Young Sheldon didn’t exactly end on a positive note, you may be feeling disheartened. However, this talented cast are a lot more familiar than you think. Here all the shows where you can watch the cast of Young Sheldon next:

Iain Armitage

via Netflix

With main character energy, Iain plays another lead role in Big Little Lies. Iain plays Shailene Woodley’s son throughout the show. Think Stepford Wives but more dramatic and probably just as funny as Young Sheldon. I mean the first season won 16 Primetime Emmy awards, so it is definitely worth adding to your list. If you are feeling less murderous, Iain has a cameo in Scoob! where he voices a young Shaggy Rogers.

Montana Jordan

via CBS

Jordan is in the upcoming CBS spin off show with co-star Emily Osment called Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage. This is due to be released in late 2024 and will be about the young married couple George Cooper and Mandy McAllister, so fans don’t have too long to wait.

Emily Osment

via Disney Channel

As well as the upcoming CBS spin off series, I couldn’t not mention that Emily Osment was THE Lily Trescott in Hannah Montana back in 2006.  Her best acting accolade if I’m not too biased along with Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams. She appeared in several other shows such as Cyberbully, Young & Hungry and Almost Family. Her acting on The Kominsky Method got her two Screen Actor’s Guild Award nominations so it’s fair to say she has come a long way from Disney Channel.

Lance Barber

Young Sheldon cast shows

via HBO

Before Young Sheldon, Lance was still in the spotlight making friends, with Lisa Kudrow. The Comeback is a HBO American comedy series about the entertainment industry and is produced by the same makers of Sex and the City. If you enjoy comedy then another show Lance was in is Faking It, where he plays Lucas. Another cameo is in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia where he played Bill Ponderosa.

Zoe Perry

Young Sheldon cast shows

via ABC

Starring in the same show as her father Jeff Perry, you can watch Zoe in political thriller Scandal (I never mentioned nepotism). Yet, Zoe Perry did play the same character that her mother played on The Big Bang Theory and did actually have to audition for the role so all is fair. Another place to watch Zoe is in The Family on ABC another thriller, so there is a theme with the thrillers to go watch her in.

Jim Parsons

Young Sheldon cast shows

via Netflix

Not to state the obvious but if you haven’t watched The Big Bang Theory, then watching Jim Parsons play Sheldon Cooper is a must. Or some films to watch Jim Parsons in are Home, Hidden Figures and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. He then appears in TV shows such as The Normal Heart and Hollywood on Netflix.

Annie Potts

Young Sheldon cast shows

via Sony Picture

Connie Tucker can be seen in the Ghostbuster films playing Janine and other classic films such as Pretty in Pink and the voice of Bo Peep in the Toy Story Franchise, how cute. Otherwise on TV, you can catch her in the season of The Fosters.

Matt Hobby

Young Sheldon cast shows

via The CW

When not being a Pastor, you can watch Matt in HBO television series Boardwalk Empire, Hart of Dixie and The Grinder.

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