The Traitors Aaron Love Island

Aaron from The Traitors is going on Love Island USA and has made the most cringe video ever

It’s a villa-themed version of Looking For a Man in Finance

Some of the most shocking reality TV news of recent, kind of actually upstaging the arrival of Joey Essex in the Love Island UK 2024 villa, is the announcement that Aaron from series one of The Traitors is randomly going to be an Islander on Love Island USA. It’s all a bit mad. On The Traitors, Aaron was a really sweet individual who was in touch with his emotions and an all round gentle soul who eventually won the show with Meryl and Hannah and I feel like the demands of being a Love Island USA Islander are vastly different. But here we are, Aaron is an Islander – and he’s already getting roasted for participating in an extremely cringe promo video where the male Islanders are parodying the “Looking for a man in finance” viral TikTok song. It is indeed woeful.

So, instead of looking for a man in finance, the USA boys are obviously “looking for a girl in the villa”. For some reason, the show has forced them to do this a cappella. Most of the lads keep to the rhythm and try their best to keep it on brand, but I’m not sure Aaron got the memo.

He just sort of … speaks it aloud. “I’m looking for a girl in the villa, green eyes, 5’5, thick thighs.” Fair enough – but the height seems very specific. Wonder what it is about 5’5 that has him gagging.

One person replied to the video saying “I hate that Aaron is doing this so much.” Bless him. Honestly, those American Islander girlies are in for a treat cause he seems like a lovely lad but I fear that the Love Island USA villa is going to eat Aaron alive and he’ll soon be longing for a return to the simplicity of The Traitors castle

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