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Release date, plot and setting: All the juicy details of Richard Gadd’s new show Lions

Richard is going back to being behind the camera

As we all know, Richard Gadd is the mastermind behind the hit Netflix phenomenon, Baby Reindeer. Written about his personal experiences with stalking, drugs, and sexual abuse, the show takes on men’s mental health with a gritty new approach.

The show explores his relationship with Martha, his stalker, as she becomes more and more obsessive with him and his personal life. The show, which came out earlier this year, has garnered a huge following, and has sparked a good few controversies in doing so, but what is Richard Gadd up to next? His next project is called Lions, which, similarly to Baby Reindeer, Richard Gadd has written and created himself.

Lions follows the relationship between two brothers

Lions from Richard Gadd is being run by the BBC, and was announced prior to the release of Baby Reindeer. Set and filmed around Glasgow, the show will explore the relationship between two brothers. The synopsis published by the BBC reads: “When Niall’s estranged ‘brother’ Ruben shows up at his wedding, it leads to an explosion of violence that catapults us back through their lives.

“Spanning almost forty years from the 1980s to the present day, this ambitious series will cover the highs and lows of the brothers’ relationship, from them meeting as teenagers to their falling out as adults – with all the good, bad, terrible, funny, angry, and challenging moments along the way. It will capture the wild energy of a changing city – a changing world, even – and try to get to the bottom of the difficult question… What does it mean to be a man?”

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Richard said working on Lions was a ‘dream come true’

Richard seems to be excited to be working on the project, saying that “it is a dream come true to be part of such a historic broadcaster with a reputation for bringing the best comedy and drama (and comedy-drama for that matter) to our screens” on the BBC page for the new show.

The writer seems to be enthusiastic to explore men’s mental health, and issues facing men in society today. The new show sounds as though it has the capacity to be, similarly to Baby Reindeer, emotional and raw when it comes to confronting potentially difficult or stigmatising topics.

Lindsay Salt, BBC Drama’s director, is quoted on the BBC page as saying that: “Richard Gadd’s hugely imaginative, one-of-a-kind exploration of Niall, Ruben, and their intertwining lives is bold and brilliant storytelling that will make you sit up and lean in. This is a relationship you really haven’t seen before, and we can’t wait to unpack it across six surprising, moving, funny, highly original episodes.” The Head of Commissioning for BBC Scotland, Louise Thornton goes on to say that “Richard’s writing for stage and for screen has always been visceral, dynamic and captivating and Lions’ youthful exploration of modern manhood is sexy, sad and shocking in equal measure.”

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter about wether we will be seeing him on screen in this new drama, Richard said the following: “I want Lions to exist as a piece of art, as a piece of work without my sudden recognition getting in the way, which is why we’ll cast people who aren’t me in the principal roles”. It looks as though Richard will be taking more of a creative role within this new drama, rather than a leading one – from what has been said, I know I’m excited for its release.

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