Love Island 2024 predictions

Just a bunch of Love Island 2024 week one predictions that you cannot prove wrong

They don’t steal the £50K anymore but Harriett is the one who’ll find a way

It’s been a somewhat fever dream like start to the series down in ol’ Love Island 2024. Talking about Joey Essex hobnobbing amongst Islanders is something I don’t think I ever anticipated, but we’re here anyway and watching it unfold with a sort of bewildered bemusement in our weary eyes. It’s not been a bad first two episodes, to be fair – we’ve had shocks, we’ve had drama, we’ve had terrace snogs and by the looks of it tonight’s episode looks like absolute mayhem already. Big beef looms, but have these two episodes given us any insight into what we can expect from Love Island 2024? I definitely think so. Call me Mystic Meg, because here are a load of Love Island 2024 predictions from what we’ve seen in week one thus far you simply can’t prove wrong.

The fan fave – Joey Essex

The addition of Joey Essex, a very established and honestly quite beloved celebrity from the reality TV circuit and beyond, into the villa is both a great thing and a dangerous thing. I fear the show is almost at risk of having everything ending up revolving around him – like how on Celebrity Big Brother this year the addition of Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh kind of came above everything else.

That being said, I like the rest of the world kinda love Joey Essex and I think he’ll come across great in the villa. Can really see him emerging as the fan fave of the series.

Biggest fuck boy – Ronnie

Feel like already we’ve seen him saying one thing to one girl and another to someone else. A compulsive flirt. I fear he’s going to fuck someone right over this series. Mark my words.

Most likely to invent a word we’ll all be saying – (Once again, Joey Essex)

Last year when I did this annual story about Love Island predictions, I said this category was over – but for 2024, Joey Essex will raise it from the dead. This is the man who gave us REEM. Who knows what we’re in for. Hopefully not fusey haircuts.

Thinks she’s giving bad bitch – Harriett

I think this diva thinks she’s following in Whitney no nonsense bad bitch vibe footsteps, but she is not. I fear the dance she does tonight for Joey Essex might be utterly traumatic.

Is actually giving bad bitch – Samantha

God hath no fury like a Scouse girl scorned.

The love of my life for the next two months – Our dearly departed Sam

Love Island 2024 predictions


I feel like I need to go in and shake all those girls because what on earth are they playing at? The fittest lad in the villa just left! I know it wasn’t technically their fault and it was down to Joey’s decision but be for real – the mullet! The nice vibes! Okay the tattoos were edging towards abysmal but that was it. Justice for Sam.

Most likely to steal the 50K even though it doesn’t get stolen anymore – Harriett

Where there’s a will, there’s a way – and this diva wants that cash. Mark my words. I wouldn’t put it past her snatching it out of Maya’s hands herself and dancing off into the sunset.

Most likely to switch it all up at Casa Amor – Munveer

I feel like Munveer is the kind of man who will very easily get his head turned. Chaos looms. I can’t put my finger on why, but he’s a lot of talk and those kind of fellas usually result in mayhem.

Most likely to get to the final – Ayo and Mimii

You know when people just have a natural spark? You can see it practically BEAMING off these two. They’re not even in a couple yet and that chemistry is just absolutely ferocious. Get them coupled up urgently.

Most likely to get up and make everyone a coffee in the morning – Sean

The man is a TikTok sweet seller. How much more evidence do you need to know this is Curtis Pritchard reincarnate?

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