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‘It was bedlam’: Richard Gadd speaks out about his crazy life since Baby Reindeer

‘It’s surreal, I never expected it to pop like this’

In his first interview since the chaos became unfolding out of Baby Reindeer, with Fiona Harvey being outed as the “real life” Martha and appearing on Piers Morgan’s show Uncensored, Richard Gadd has spoken about his “crazy” life since Baby Reindeer was released.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, he called the experience “bedlam” and “chaos” and shared how he was “so surprised about it all”.

Speaking about how his life has changed, he said: “It’s changed a lot and hasn’t changed a lot. I still very much feel like the same person in a lot of ways. I am not very big online, and I don’t post much and I don’t read much. I don’t Google the show or myself. I still keep a quiet life. But I have noticed the crazy part of it, the sudden public attention with people coming up to me and the sudden feeling that there’s more eyes on me all the time.

“Naturally being a very self-conscious person, it can be quite challenging. I like it when people come up and say nice things. In the weeks after the show came out, I went from 3,000 followers on Instagram to over 400,000 now. It’s surreal. I never expected it to pop like this. I thought maybe it could be a cult success but in terms of the global reach, I feel like I’m going to wake up one day and it’s all been a dream.”

Speaking about experiences of fans coming up to him, he shared a story of being approached by the pilot of his plane. “On the flight over here to L.A., the captain came back because he had heard I was on the plane,” he said.

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“He spoke to me and then the other pilot came back, too, so that was quite surreal. I still don’t think of myself as famous. I don’t believe it inside, so when people come up, I still find it quite strange. I went to see the Pogues the other day and I went into a pub beforehand, naively thinking that I could just go in and sit down with some friends. But it was bedlam, it was chaos. People coming up all the time, all the time, sharing stories and talking about the show and how it affected them. I kind of thought, oh, I can’t really go into pubs anymore and expect to sit there quietly in a corner and have some food.

There have also been celebrities who have got in contact with him about the show. He added: “There’s been some crazy stuff. Stephen King has followed the show and written at length about it. I was so surprised, I thought someone had doctored it and sent it to me as a joke. I know that Cardi B has posted about the show. The one that meant the most to me along with the Pogues was actually John Cena. He sent me a private video talking about the show and how much he liked it. I’m a big wrestling fan and a big John Cena fan, so that kind of blew my mind. It meant a lot to me.” Not John Cena??

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