So, are Jayden and Eden still together after MAFS Australia 2024? It’s time to find out

They’ve been the golden couple for a long time


Jayden and Eden have been the golden couple of MAFS Australia 2024, so most us are sat here thinking there isn’t a way in hell they are anything but still together living happily ever after following the experiment.

But as Shakespeare once said, the course of true love never did run smooth. And I just know he would have wanted his quotes to be used alongside MAFS Australia, so here we are.

Jayden and Eden found themselves at the centre of rumours they were faking their romance for fame, and that they had a “secret pact” to stay together until the show ended, so they could get as much airtime as possible. They of course denied this, and said their relationship on the show was real.

But what’s happening now? Let’s take a deep dive.

Jayden and Eden on MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

Are Jayden and Eden still together after MAFS Australia 2024?

Right, it’s all been a bit confusing. Until recently, it looked like the pair had split but might still have wanted people to think they were still together to keep up appearances. Which in all honesty, makes so much sense with them. I say that because they’ve recently said in interviews they are “better than ever” together, and they’ve been pictured out looking all loved up, but there’s solid evidence to say there’s trouble in paradise.

It’s been reported Jayden and Eden have broken up four times since filming ended, the first being after the reunion wrapped. They were said to be fighting, and Jayden dumped Eden over Christmas, which was just a few days after filming had finished. “He would barely speak to her once they left the experiment,” it was said on the So Dramatic! podcast.

Apparently, the couple didn’t speak for weeks over the festive period, but then Jayden believed this would “make him look bad” so “came grovelling” to Eden to take him back. He allegedly told people he was going to hope she would dump him soon, so he “didn’t look bad.”

Yahoo Lifestyle has reported this pattern happened four times. A source claimed: “Jayden and Eden are only keeping their relationship public to build publicity around his kickboxing matches. They’ve already broken up four times since the show finished filming and while Eden still has feelings for Jayden, he isn’t into her.”

Jayden and Eden on MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

So Dramatic! then quite defiantly reported that everything was all over for the couple, and they’d been broken up for weeks. Apparently, despite their picture-perfect looking relationship on the show, a cast member has claimed it wasn’t all as good behind closed doors.

“Jayden and Eden are no longer together,” a cast member told So Dramatic! podcast host Megan Pustetto. “They broke up a few weeks ago. He has been such a douche to her since filming ended, but she will not admit it publicly… She’s so heartbroken.”

The source said the couple were “really good again from the start of January until a few weeks ago” when they broke up again. “The last few weeks have been really fucked for Eden,” they said. “He’s apparently been partying with [brother] Mitch heaps, never with Eden, and barely spending any time with her.”

And finally, Jayden and Eden have officially announced their shock split just weeks after the reunion aired. Eden confirmed their split in an Instagram post, sharing that her MAFS Australia 2024 relationship with Jayden had come to an “unexpected” end. It sounds a bit messy too, with Eden telling Daily Mail Australia that Jayden broke up with her “out of the blue” when she “didn’t really think that there was anything much wrong with the relationship” and now “won’t reply to her”.

Oh no!

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