Ben was ‘convinced’ he was going on The Bachelor before MAFS and dropped everything for fame

‘This guy is desperate for his 15 minutes of fame’

It’s a sad time to be Ben from MAFS Australia right now, as his Married at First Sight journey is over and is been revealed he previously tried and failed to be on The Bachelor, too.

Ben was matched with Ellie on MAFS Australia 2024, but prior to this he was “convinced” he was going to be on The Bachelor, and apparently dropped everything for his “15 minutes of fame”. Yikes.

According to Daily Mail Australia, Ben was previously tipped to be the next Bachelor, but his big shot was cancelled last minute. He cancelled some of his work as a tour guide to make room for filming, and even skipped out on holidays with friends thinking this was his big break.

“Ben was tipped to be the next Bachelor,’ a source revealed. “He was convinced he had bagged the role and even cancelled several tours and holidays he had planned with friends.” However, it’s been reported he was “dropped last minute” leaving his “reality TV dreams in limbo.”

Ben from MAFS Australia 2024 tipped for The Bachelor before fame

via Channel 9 / E4

But then maybe we shouldn’t be so shocked that he dropped everything, because So Dramatic! has reported he did the same when MAFS producers came calling, and was “desperate” to get on the TV, no matter what show would take him.

“He just posted to his FB that he is trying to offload an international holiday for two because he can no longer make it,” a source said. “The holiday is the same dates for when filming for MAFS is due to start. This guy is so desperate for his 15 mins of fame… It looks like this year his wish is coming true.”

Unfortunately, things haven’t worked out for Ben and Ellie in the experiment, so maybe we’ll see him trying his luck on TV again soon?

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