Inside Samie from Love Island’s cute holiday where she’s hard launched her new boyfriend

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In recent weeks, Samie Elishi from Love Island has been drip-feeding us content with her new boyfriend. Around a month ago, it was revealed Samie is now with a footballer, and the couple have been together for a few months.

Samie and new man, The Only Way Is Essex star and footballer Harry Lee, have been on their first holiday together in Portugal, and she’s finally given in and posted him on her Instagram a bit more.

Love Island star Samie Elishi on holiday with new boyfriend

via Instagram @samieelishi

In pictures they could be seen taking selfies in a lift, and enjoying romantic dinners together. Samie also shared a picture of Harry on their gorgeous hotel balcony, and them strolling around the city and the beach together.

“Lovely time away with you,” Harry said alongside a candid picture of them looking at each other before an evening out. Samie reshared the picture to her story.

Their hotel had views over the city, and the couple also spent chilled out evenings having romantic dinners in small, intimate restaurants.

Love Island star Samie Elishi on holiday with new boyfriend

via Instagram @samieelishi

Last month, it was confirmed Samie and TOWIE’s Harry had been going on “secret dates” and growing close for a number of months. Harry was on the ITV show from 2019, and appeared in three seasons.

A source told The Sun: “They met out and about in Essex and have mutual friends. They are super close and have been spending a lot of time together. Samie and Harry are definitely in the honeymoon stage and have enjoyed getting to know each other out of the spotlight.”

Samie has previously confirmed her new relationship status, and said on Instagram: “I am happily with someone and focusing on this lovely little life and work right now.” She’s also shared a cute picture of them together, celebrating his birthday.

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