Eden Harper from MAFS Australia 2024

High fashion and bikini pics: Inside Eden’s vibey life when she’s not on MAFS Australia 2024

I’m jealous of her tbh

Eden is one of the brides on MAFS Australia 2024, and has been matched with Jayden. The couple have had their ups and downs, most notably Jayden’s shock confession about “sleeping with his ex’s friend” to get revenge on her.

During the Married at First Sight experiment, Eden has very much secured herself as one of the girls, often sitting down with the fellow brides to debrief about their relationships. She’s a girls’ girl, and loves a bit of drama and good old gossip.

But what’s she like when she’s not in the experiment? Here’s everything you need to know about what MAFS Australia 2024 bride Eden gets up to in her life.

MAFS Australia bride Eden is 28 and from Queensland

MAFS Australia 2024 star Eden Harper is 28, and from Queensland. Eden is described as “fiercely independent, a self-confessed daddy’s girl and a perfectionist at heart. She is putting her trust in the experts to match her with someone ambitious, generous and loyal.”

Her official MAFS Australia 2024 bio adds: “Eden has been single for three years since her previous relationship ended because her partner cheated with her best friend. Since the betrayal, losing her partner and her lifelong best friend in one fell swoop, Eden admits her trust issues run extremely deep.”

For work, Eden is a recruitment manager

As said on the show, Eden currently works as a recruitment manager. She is also a micro-influencer on Instagram.

She’s the daughter of an AFL legend

Eden’s father is Phil Harper, who has been an administrator with the Adelaide Crows AFL club for 27 years. He began as a media manager and is currently the head of Women’s Football at the club.

Eden is obsessed with her dog cub, and tbh, so am I

Eden has an adorable dog called Cub, who she posts loads about on Instagram. She has a dedicated highlight for him, posts cute selfies and said she missed him so much during the experiment Jayden bought her a pillow with Cub’s face on.

Her MAFS bio adds: “Eden has worked hard to build a life she loves – but living on the Gold Coast, she’s far from her Adelaide family and relies on her best friend, her dog Cub, for company.” I’m not crying, you are!

She’s a big vibey fashion girlie and loves a bikini pic

Eden is always sharing photos of her vibey life on the Gold Coast. She shares loads of incredible outfit pics, and seems to always be out on the beach or posting bikini pics. She’s a good time gal!

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