Who will win Love Island All Stars according to dumped Islanders

Who will win Love Island: All Stars, according to the dumped Islanders

There are a couple of rogue choices in here

Love Island: All Stars is nearly over, so it’s getting close to us finding out who will win the show and take the prize fund. Still I can’t help but question how real the couples actually are, but someone has to be crowned.

Those who know the Islanders and the dynamics among the couples best are the ones who have been living in the villa with them. A whole string of Islanders have been dumped from All Stars, and they’ve been asked exactly who they think has a real connection and could take home the prize fund.

Here is a rundown of who all the dumped Islanders think will win Love Island: All Stars.

Eve Gale and Casey O’Gorman

Who will win Love Island: All Stars, dumped Islanders

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Of course, Casey is also backing his Love Island bestie, Tom. He said: “Tom and Molly are great together. It’s so nice to see Tom happy after going through a difficult break up with Samie and how that ended. To see Tom thriving again with Molly is great. Also, Josh and Sophie are so good together. I wouldn’t be unhappy to see them win either.”

Eve obviously is backing her sister Jess, but said “in terms of connection” she’s backing her best friend Sophie, and Josh. “They are perfect for each other and have such a strong connection,” she said.

Chris Taylor

Who will win Love Island: All Stars, dumped Islanders

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Chris said he’s backing Georgia S and Toby to win, as they “have a great connection” and have “been on a mad journey and taken risks”. He added: “The epitomise what Love Island is all about and deserve to win.”

Joanna Chimonides and Joe Garratt

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When asked who has the potential to win, Joe said: “For me there are two very strong couples in there, Tom and Molly and Anton and Georgia H. I could see either of them going all the way and winning as they could both work in the outside world.”

Joanna added: “For me, it’s Molly and Tom. They are great together, so chilled and they balance each other out. They get along so naturally, it’s lovely.”

Kaz Kamwi

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Kax was also backing Molly and Tom or Sophie and Josh. “They all spend so much time in their couples, always gravitating towards each other,” she said when she was dumped. “They all have really strong connections and have been patient with each other.”

Hannah Elizabeth and Tyler Cruickshank

Who will win Love Island: All Stars, dumped Islanders

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Hannah backed Molly and Tom as the villa’s “Barbie and Ken” and said she’s backing them to win. She said she also thinks Josh and Sophie have a good connection, so could win.

Tyler might want to take back his vote with hindsight, as he said: “I would go for Callum and Georgia S. I’m close with both of them, Callum is one of my best mates in there and I have Georgia S’ back. They suit so well and I can see Georgia S falling for Callum. They have both been through a real journey and they deserve to find love and a connection.”

Liberty Poole and Mitch Taylor

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Liberty might have been dumped early on, but still her predictions for who will win Love Island: All Stars still stand. “There are quite a few with strong connections now,” she said at the time. “Molly and Tom are definitely really into each other, as are Josh and Sophie.”

Mitch added: “Tom and Molly seem to be a good match. Unless something major happens, I think they will get to the final.”

Demi Jones and Luis Morrison

Who will win Love Island: All Stars, dumped Islanders

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When asked who he thinks could win the whole show, Luis had said Chris, so that looks a little pointless now. “I think that I want Chris to win with whoever he finds love with, he was my best mate in the villa, he is such a good guy so I want the best for him,” he said.

Overall, who do the dumped Islanders think will win Love Island: All Stars?

Tom and Molly: Seven votes

Josh and Sophie: Five votes

Toby and Georgia S: One vote

Anton and Georgia H: One vote

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