Mr. and Mrs. Smith ending explained

Mr. and Mrs. Smith: The show’s hectic twist ending fully explained

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If you’re done mopping up your tears after finishing Netflix’s One Day, then you might have turned to the significantly more violent but just as heartfelt remake of Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Prime Video. Like One Day, it’s a film – starring Angelie Jolie and Brad Pitt in 2005 – turned series, with a huge finale which left us with a lot of questions about the titular character’s fate.

Although Mr. and Mrs. Smith stars Maya Erskine and Donald Glover as its leads, there was a brief and gun-heaving opening scene from Alexander Skarsgard and Eiza Gonźalez, which only made sense in the series’ final moments. But in case you’re still reeling (like are John and Jane even still alive?!) let’s unpack the shows finale:

Here’s the ending of Mr. and Mrs. Smith fully explained with quotes from the crew

Mr. and Mrs. Smith ending explained

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So, in the final episode of Mr. and Mrs. Smith (*spoilers, obviously, ahead*) titled The Breakup John and Jane are ending their relationship and decide to kill each other after Jane thinks John killed her cat Max and John thinks Jane attempted to blow up his mother. Healthy!

But, after brawling in the street, John getting hit by a car, and denting their entire brownstone house with bullet marks, John injects them both with truth serum and they have a heart to heart which ends with them both deciding they’re not going to kill each other after all. Cute.

However, that’s when it dawns on them – if John didn’t kill Jane’s cat and Jane didn’t target John’s mum then who arranged both hits? Which is when the other John and Jane they befriended in an earlier episode walk through their front door.

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Essentially, the other John and Jane reveal their “high high risk” job all along has been to take out other Mr. and Mrs. Smith agents— and that’s what we saw happening to Alexander Skarsgard and Eiza Gonźalez in episode one.

After an intense shoot out and John and Jane run to their panic room, it’s revealed John has been badly injured. So, after a quick heartfelt chat about having children (they’re having two – sweet) and revealing their actual names (Michael and Alanna), Jane decides she’s going to open the door and shoot other Jane to get them both out of there and get John rapid medical attention before he bleeds out.

“I’ll go out on the count of three, shoot her and then we’ll go out,” she says and then all we see is three shots from outside the house – even though we know Jane only had one bullet left in her gun. So, it really seems like they’re both dead. But we don’t actually know for sure.

“We wanted to make sure that it felt like a complete story, even with the ending being what it is,” the series showrunner told The Hollywood Reporter. “We watched a lot of films from the ’70s. I love the way that a lot of films then ended. The Graduate has one of those endings that still feels satisfying without giving you everything.”

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