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These celebs had the top private jet emissions in the last year, and it’s not Taylor Swift

She didn’t even make the top 30

If there’s one way to make yourself feel better for getting that five-minute Uber back from a night out when it was pouring with rain, it’s take a look at the outrageous amounts of private jet CO2 emissions celebs have managed to rack up last year.

The website My Climate Tracker tracks uses private jet trackers to see how many kilometres the celebs have travelled over the year, and Instagram location markers to work out how many journeys they’ve taken.

And no, before you think Taylor Swift must be number one, she didn’t and didn’t even make the top 30. So without further ado prepare to feel horrified by how much these celebs produced in CO2 private jet emissions this year, ranked from highest to lowest.

10. Celine Dion

Co2 flight emissions in 2023: 2,826,900

Our queen Celine has taken 69 (ayoo) flights this year, travelling a total of 200,893 km and racking up 2,826,900 kg worth of CO2 emissions in her private jet.

9. Kylie Jenner

Co2 flight emissions in 2023: 3,073,100

Miss Jenner is the youngest member of this list but that hasn’t stopped her from being a serial offender. Kylie took 72 flights in her private jet, travelling a total of 218,304 km and producing up 3,073,100 kg worth of CO2 emissions.

8. Leonard Blavatnik

Co2 flight emissions in 2023: 3,130,300

I also had to look up this man, and he’s a Ukrainian-born businessman who is worth approximately $31.3 billion. So he obviously travels everywhere via private jet.

Leonard took 121 flights this year on his private jet, travelling 232,126 km and a total of 3,130,300 kg of CO2 emissions.

7. Tyler Perry

Co2 flight emissions in 2023: 3,319,100

Tyler took 78 private jet flights in 2023, travelling 180,783 km and producing a total of 3,319,100 kg of CO2 emissions.

6. Steven Spielberg

Co2 flight emissions in 2023: 3,661,800

Maybe Steven Spielberg can make a movie where the world soon collapses due to global warming, partly caused by his travelling actions.

He took 120 flights, travelled 271,519 km and produced 2,66,800 kg of Co2.

5. Bill Gates

Co2 flight emissions in 2023: 3,771,900

Bill likes to portray himself as an ethical philanthropist but his private jet usage paints a slightly different picture.

He took 112 flights, travelled 297,664 km and produced 3,771,900 kg worth of emissions.

4. Beyonce and Jay Z

Co2 flight emissions in 2023: 4,317,800

These two come as a pair and with Beyonce’s tour, you’d best believe they made the top five. Together they took 144 flights in their private jet, travelled 357,717 km and produced 4,317,800 kg of CO2 emissions.

3. Elon Musk

Co2 flight emissions in 2023: 4,564,700

Elon chose not to travel sustainably in 2023, racking up 150 flights, travelling 228,717 km and producing 4,564,700 kg of CO2 emissions.

2. Kim Kardashian

Co2 flight emissions in 2023: 5,857,600

Is it any surprise Miss Kimberly made second place? She actually made the most flights and travelled the furthest of anyone on the list making a whopping 165 flights, travelling 485,102 km and producing 5,857,600 kg in emissions.

1. Travis Scott

Co2 flight emissions in 2023: 6,061,300

Travis takes the top spot! The rapper took 137 flights in his private jet in 2023, travelled 330,145 km and produced a massive 6,061,300 kg of CO2 emissions.

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