Love Island double dumping chaos as All Stars Islanders TRICKED into sending couple home

This is SAVAGE

There’s going to be chaos in the Love Island: All Stars villa tonight, as a double dumping is looming, and the Islanders are basically tricked into being the ones who decide who leaves.

Tonight, the Islanders play what they think is an innocent game, but Maya shows up and crashes the party – telling them their decisions in the game have come with consequences. The Sun has reported two Islanders are sent home in tonight’s show, and have already left the villa.

On the show, Josh reads a text: “Islanders, tonight you have a chance to reveal what you really think of each other in All Stars Couple Goals #RealTalk #NoHoldingBack”.

Later that night, with the Islanders gathered around the firepit, Georgia S and Toby are hosting ‘All Stars Couple Goals’ reading out a series of questions for the Islanders to answer. The questions include which couple has the least sexual chemistry, which couple is the least honest with their feelings and which couple is the most one sided. Things heat up when it comes to the question of which couple is the least compatible, but who will the Islanders choose?

Love Island All Stars tonight

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As the game gets underway, Maya makes an unexpected return to the villa. Taken aback by her arrival, Maya says: “Hello All Stars, are you enjoying your game? Well the game is now over and it’s time to get serious. So, you’ve all just written down who you think is the least compatible couple. I’m going to ask you now to individually reveal your answer and give me your reason why.”

Once the results are revealed, Maya gathers four couples to the firepit but what are the consequences to the Islanders’ actions? The Sun is reporting the Islanders don’t realise, but their choices lead to a couple being dumped.

Love Island All Stars tonight

via ITV

An insider said: “No one knows if they are coming or going at the moment. They’ve just had three new bombshells arrive, and then Kaz going and now two more are gone. Everyone is really shocked by the news, it wasn’t expected at all and things are going to really change around the place.”

It’s going to be dramatic!

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